Beaumont HospitalProfessional Education

PGY1, Dearborn



The purpose of the PGY-1 pharmacy residency program is to build upon PharmD education and outcomes by contributing to the development of clinical pharmacists who are 1) responsible for pharmacotherapeutic care of patients with a wide range of conditions, 2) eligible for board certification, and 3) strong candidates for acceptance to PGY-2 residency programs.

The PGY-1 pharmacy residency at Beaumont Hospital, Dearborn (BH-D) is a 12-month program accredited by the American Society of Health System Pharmacists (ASHP) designed to prepare the resident for independent practice in a clinical environment. The resident will acquire an extensive skillset and sophisticated clinical experience that will allow for the provision of advanced pharmaceutical care in a wide variety of disease states. Graduates of the residency program will have the ability to practice and teach effectively in multiple settings.

The pharmacy resident will have the opportunity to collaborate with clinical pharmacy specialists, pharmacists, and Wayne State University (WSU) faculty to build upon and gain knowledge in a wide variety of areas and with patients at a variety of levels of care. The PGY-1 residency program will be tailored to the needs of the resident based on previous clinical experience and future interests.

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