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How many residency positions will you be matching?


When does the residency start?

July 1

When was the program at Beaumont Hospital developed?

A Critical Care PGY-2 Residency was first offered in 2011. The program achieved accreditation status in 2012.  

What rotations are required to complete your program?

Orientation, Medical Intensive Care Unit (x2), Surgical Intensive Care Unit (x2), Research, Emergency Department, Nutrition Support, Transplant

What elective rotations are available?

Medical ICU, General / Transplant SICU, Cardiovascular SICU, Neurological / Trauma SICU, Infectious Diseases, Nutrition, Transplant, Burn Unit (off-site), Academics, Pediatric ICU, Neonatal ICU, Cardiac ICU

How are residents evaluated?

The PGY-2 Critical Care Residency at Beaumont has 4 competency areas 8 goals and 33 required objectives which are evaluated throughout the year. Each rotation evaluates a number of the program objectives. At the end of each rotation residents receive a summative evaluation from their preceptor. Residents maintain a grid of their accomplishment on program goals throughout the year. Residents also receive a quarterly evaluation which focuses on the longitudinal goals of the program as well as consensus feedback from their rotation preceptors during that quarter. Residents must complete program goals and all longitudinal requirements to be eligible for a Residency Certificate at the end of the year.

What teaching opportunities are there for residents?

Residents will be expected to play an active role in precepting Doctor of Pharmacy students and PGY-1 residents who are scheduled on rotation with them. Beaumont receives students from a number of different Colleges of Pharmacy.

There is an opportunity for residents to provide a didactic lecture at the Eugene Applebaum College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences, Wayne State University if the resident has such an interest.

The PGY-2 resident will participate in presenting at Tuesday/Thursday Noon Conference for Pharmacy Staff periodically throughout the year. Residents also provide 2 continuing education lectures to the Department and one Pharmacy Grand Rounds.

Residents interested in teaching can select the academic rotation as an elective. Residents have an opportunity to participate in a Teaching Certificate Program offered in conjunction with Wayne State University.

Do the residents attend any professional meetings throughout the year?

Yes. The residents attend the ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting in December, as well as the Great Lakes Pharmacy Residency Conference in the Spring. There is also a possibility for the resident to attend The Society of Critical Care Medicine (SCCM) Congress meeting to present a clinical research poster.

Is office space available to residents?

Yes. Residents are provided with a resident's office with available computers.

Are there rotations off-site?

Yes, there is an opportunity for Burn ICU in Southeastern Michigan.

What is your licensure and pre-requisite policy for PGY-2 residents?

The resident must meet the following requirements for employment at Beaumont Hospital as the PGY-2 Critical Care resident:

  • Licensed pharmacist or eligible for licensure in the State of Michigan (including controlled substance license)
  • Successful completion of a PGY-1 ASHP accredited residency

What tips do you have for out of state candidates to ensure they are licensed in accordance with the program policy?

Tips for Licensure

1. Application materials:

  • Make yourself very familiar with the Michigan Board of Pharmacy website. Many questions will be answered in the Licensing Information and Frequently Asked Questions sections.
  • Don't be afraid to call the board, at 517-335-0918, with any questions you have about how to's and what's required for the applications.
  • The Board will send you a customer number where you can check online for the status of your application.

2. Registering for Exams:

  • Register and pay for the MPJE online thru the NAPB.
  • As soon as you get your ATT, schedule the exam! It doesn't matter if you feel ready for them at that point, schedule it anyway. They can be changed later on, but this gives you a definite time frame to work with.
  • If you plan to change a set testing date, it must be done at least two days before test date by noon on that day.
  • Depending on when you take your exams, it will be a minimum of 7 - 10 days before your exam results will be mailed to you.

3. MPJE Study Guide:

Per MI Board Pharmacy, this is what you need to study in terms of state law:

  • All of Administrative Rules
  • Three sections of the Public Health Code: Article 7 Controlled Substances, Article 15 Part 161 General Provisions, and Article 15 Part 177 Pharmacy Practice and Drug Control. You can print these out or call the Board and request copies be sent to you.

4. Other helpful sources/sites:

  • Pharmacist Manual at DEA website
  • Website/text by law professor at Wayne State: Jesse Vivian, JD. If you purchase the text book through MPA, make sure you compare text with current regulations as things may have changed; particularly in regards to controlled substances and electronic prescribing. These updates may be available on his website too.
  • Law review conducted by Michigan Pharmacists Association

How can an out-of-state candidate find out more about the Royal Oak and surrounding area?

We recommend the following websites:

What housing recommendations do you have for out-of-state candidates?

Beaumont Hospital is located in the quaint city of Royal Oak, Michigan in Oakland County. A few miles to the north is the city of Birmingham, known for its upscale shopping, luxurious homes, and its downtown area, which is considered by some as "the place to be seen." To the west is the city of Southfield. Suburban Southfield is considered a commercial center for the metropolitan Detroit area, has a nationally recognized school district, and 700 acres of parkland. East of Royal Oak, you will find the city of Madison Heights, a large residential area of single family homes and condominiums. To the south is Detroit metropolitan, one of the largest cities in the U.S., with performing arts and entertainment, sports, food, and historical districts.

When looking for a place to live, here are some tips to follow:

  • Use internet websites such as those listed below to find apartments in the area. You will likely want to limit your search to Oakland County.
  • Real estate agents are also able to help find rental properties. Use your bargaining skills to lower your rent. Fees assessed for a real estate agent are paid by the owners of the rental property, not by the renter!
  • Look at the mileage away from Beaumont Hospital. Woodward and neighboring streets are busy at rush hour, and may extend commute times.
  • Ask how old the buildings are and if they have recently been renovated. There are newly constructed condominiums which may be available for rent in the heart of downtown Royal Oak which provide easy access to restaurants and stores.
  • Don't forget to ask about parking, which can be limited when living in downtown areas.
  • View the apartment complex and neighborhood before signing the lease.
  • Take note of proximity of necessary amenities such as grocery store, laundry mat or bank. Not all areas are equally safe.
  • Some rental properties include some utilities in the rent. Check this out!
  • Save money by finding a roommate such as a fellow resident.
  • Here are some links to websites for apartment shopping:,,
  • Beaumont also provides discounted housing services close to the hospital through Belle Court Apartments. More information can be obtained by calling 248-288-0715.


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