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Program Admission

Upon successful match with the Beaumont School of Medical Laboratory Science, final admission into the program will be dependent upon completion of all required coursework, receiving grades of 2.8 or greater in core MLS courses, a physical examination performed by the Beaumont Occupational Health Service, completion of a pre-orientation clinical competency assignment and payment of tuition. The student will be declined their offered position in the program if any of these criteria are not met.

Academic coursework 

Students accepted into the program must have successfully completed all required university coursework – didactic and laboratory - as identified under the Academic Requirements.  In addition, grades must be 2.8 or greater in core MLS academic courses.  

Students who will still be completing university coursework one to two semesters after matching with the program must provide a current university transcript upon request by the program director.  The transcript will be reviewed for present status in meeting the above criteria.  Students who do not meet the coursework requirements and/or the 2.8 grade minimum will be asked to repeat this coursework (or an acceptable alternative) prior to the program start date.  If this is not feasible, the student will be declined their offered position in the program.  They will be permitted to reapply to the program in the next match cycle at no charge.

Students will also be requested to submit a final, official transcript and copy of college diploma before the program start date. 

Physical exam

Students accepted in to the program will be required to pass a physical examination through occupational health services before beginning the program. The examination includes, but is not limited to: general physical examination; chest x-ray; blood and urinalysis tests; tuberculosis (TB) testing; drug, alcohol and nicotine screening; evidence of immunity to rubella, mumps, varicella zoster, rubeola and pertussis.

In addition, students will be required to receive (or show proof) of Hepatitis B vaccine, influenza vaccine and Tdap vaccination.  Accepted students who test positive for drugs, alcohol or nicotine will be declined their offered position in the program.

Pre-orientation clinical competencies assignment

In preparation for the clinical experience, admitted students will receive a written assignment titled "Pre-Orientation Clinical Competencies" via email approximately six weeks prior to the program orientation start date. These competencies will cover the theoretical knowledge and basic laboratory skill background that students are expected already possess from the required university course work.

More specifically, the competencies will consist of 20-30 questions from the following laboratory disciplines - Blood Bank, Chemistry, Hematology and Microbiology. Each student is required to write type or draw the answers for all the provided questions. The assignment will be due to the program director the first day of program orientation. The clinical faculty will review them for completeness. Students will be expected to review and understand this information for future, graded pre-tests that will be given on the first day in each respective laboratory course mentioned above.

Tuition payment

Refer to the Fees and Scholarships section.

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