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Finances & Fees

Tuition: Mott Community College Histologic Technician Majors - register through Mott CC

All other students: Tuition is $2500.*

Additional fees and/or expenses, not included in the $2500, involve

  • books, computer, etc. fees (non-refundable)(approx): $450**
  • scrubs/lab coats/lab shoes: Must be provided by students, and meet program criteria (scrubs royal blue, $20-40 each set) / (white lab coats, $15-25 each) / (lab shoes $25-60)
  • application fee (non-refundable): $40
  • national certification exam fee (paid to ASCP before graduation): $215

There are no meal, housing or stipend programs.

*Non-Mott CC HT students selected into the program are required to pay 50% of the tuition fee upon acceptance, which is not refundable. The balance of the tuition fee must be paid before the first day of the program, this balance is also non-refundable.

**Book/computer/etc. fees due first day of class.

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