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Fellow evaluation

Evaluation will be provided in two formats:

Informal, ongoing evaluation throughout the individual rotations

Fellow will receive and be expected to become familiar with the goals of the fellowship. Staff will offer ongoing input, feedback, and encouragement so that the fellow and staff can assess whether performance expectations are being met. This process should begin immediately upon the start of the rotation, to maximize opportunities for interventions if performance deficits are noted. If staff recognizes performance deficits, this should be communicated to the fellow on the service and, in conjunction with the fellowship  director, and corrective action(s) should be instituted.

Formal  written  evaluation

Departmental fellowship  review  form to be completed by staff at the completion of the rotation. The program director will meet with fellow at least twice yearly to discuss, as well as provide career counseling and obtain feedback from the fellow about the program and faculty. The program director will ensure that teaching faculty evaluate the trainees in writing at least twice yearly and provide frequent, timely verbal feedback. The program director will keep a file of written evaluations on each trainee.

Teaching experience evaluation

Fellows will be asked to comment on their learning experience on the rotation and communicate this information to the fellowship director through a formal evaluation instrument.

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