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Gamma Knife Radiosurgery Fellowship, Royal Oak



  • present for scheduled Gamma Knife radiosurgery procedures
  • arrive at the Gamma Knife suite at 6:30 am on procedure days
  • assist in
    • stereotactic frame placement
    • imaging evaluation
    • treatment planning
    • contouring and dosimetric plan evaluation
    • treatment monitoring/delivery
  • participate in other CNS stereotactic radiotherapy cases that occur outside the realm of Gamma Knifee
  • keep a record of all patients with a notation of the diagnosis, stage, and indications for treatment and radiation doses
  • coordinate and run Gamma Knife Chart Rounds (bi-weekly Quality Assurance program) as well as
  • attend other didactic conferences held throughout the department related to radiotherapy of CNS malignancies/disorders
  • develop a research project(s) in conjunction with the faculty members as further outlined below.

The fellow will not be an “Authorized User” for Gamma Knife Radiosurgery treatments, unless the Principles and Practice of Gamma Knife Radiosurgery course is completed, and the fellow is approved for addition to the William Beaumont Hospital Gamma Knife NRC license. Fellows will participate in

  • stereotactic frame placements
  • treatment imaging
  • treatment planning
  • treatment set-up

All Gamma Knife Radiosurgery treatment plans must be approved and signed by the treating attending Radiation Oncologist and Neurosurgeon/Neurootologist. 

Didactic conferences

The fellow will participate in the following series of didactic lectures/conferences related to radiosurgery and the treatment of CNS disorders with radiotherapy/radiosurgery

  • weekly multi-disciplinary CNS Tumor Conference
  • bi-weekly Gamma Knife Radiosurgery Chart Rounds
  • radiation oncology journal clubs
  • physics and radiobiology lectures related to stereotactic radiosurgery
  • new patient resident conferences for CNS topics
  • clinical translation meetings

The fellow will participate in education of the radiation oncology residents during these conferences when appropriate or requested by the Fellowship Director or other faculty members.

Case log

The fellow should keep a record of all patients with a notation of the diagnosis, stage, and indications for radiosurgery or radiotherapy, radiation dose, and treatment technique.

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Fellowship Programs
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