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Body Imaging - Royal Oak

Body Imaging Fellowships

  1. Body Imaging Fellowship
  2. Body/Breast Imaging combined Fellowship
  3. Body MRI fellowship
  4. Body Imaging Fellowship with MSK focus
  5. Body Imaging Fellowship with PET focus

The Department of Diagnostic Radiology, Division of Body Imaging, accepts up to five (5) Diagnostic Radiology residency graduates annually for a one (1) year Fellowship in Body Imaging or any of the above combinations.

  • The Body Imaging Fellowship offers extensive clinical experience in US, CT, MRI, and interventional procedures of the chest, abdomen and pelvis. 
  • Applicants may choose an entire year dedicated to Body Imaging, a combined Body/Breast imaging (6 months each), a one-year fellowship in MRI, or choose a path with reduced Body imaging rotations and have a focus in Musculoskeletal Imaging or PET Imaging. 
  • Ample opportunity for research will be provided.

Residency Programs

Fellowship Programs

Fellowship Programs
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