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Selection process

Fellowship applicants will submit a letter of interest and their CV. These will be reviewed by  the  Fellowship  Director,  Medical  Director  of  the  Proton  Center,  and  the  Chair  of Radiation   Oncology   Department   and  Education   Committee.   Applications   must  be received by October 1st of the year prior to initiation of training. The application review and selection process are expected to be completed by January 30th of the fellowship year. The most promising candidates will be scheduled for a visit to the facility to meet with the fellowship director and radiation oncology proton staff. Three letters of recommendation  from  their  residency  program  director  and  faculty  members  will  be required for review. Fellows will be offered a training fellowship position based upon the assessments  of the Fellowship  Director, the Radiation Oncology Proton Staff and the Radiation Oncology Senior Executive Committee. The selection criteria will include the qualifications of the trainee as evidenced by performance during residency training, publication record, level of interest, and anticipated level of clinical and academic performance by the fellow. Beaumont Health guidelines for diversity consideration will be followed.

Prior to the initiation of the fellowship position, fellows must have completed an approved Radiation Oncology Residency Program. For trainees from outside the United States,  successful  completion  of USLME  1, 2 including  CS  and  CK  are  required.  In addition for an acquisition of at least a limited medical license in Michigan required for their credentialing  and for their contract to be in force, the foreign graduate applicant must have a grant to support their training given they are not allowed to see patient independently.


Three weeks of vacation time are allotted for the fellows. Sick leave, maternity leave, and paternity leave will be allotted according to Beaumont Health policies for fellows.

Service and on-call responsibilities

Fellows are not scheduled to take evening, night or weekend call but are expected to be available to see patients during the treatment day (currently 7:00 a.m.- 6:30 p.m.) on an as needed basis. It should be expect that the proton fellow will have two evenings per week scheduled for late duty at the Proton Therapy Center. Fellows are expected to be carrying a beeper and be available for paging. The program director will ensure that the educational process is not undermined by excessive service requirements and that appropriate back-up and supervision are provided at all times. Moonlighting is allowed, with approval of and at the discretion of the Program Director, provided it does not interfere with the responsibilities outlined above.

Written contract

The standard Beaumont Health contract will be amended as necessary to reflect specifics of the fellowship program. A contract should be signed by each fellow each year. A copy of the contract should be provided to applicants no later than the time that they are offered a position.


The salary will be appropriate for the candidate’s appropriate PGY level and experience.

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