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Corewell Health is the new name for Beaumont.

  • The Body Imaging division is staffed by twelve fellowship trained faculty, a CT Physicist and an MRI physicist. 
  • Applicants who choose the combined Breast/Body fellowship, will be working with 12 Breast fellowship trained faculty, with opportunities to read Screening/Diagnostic Mammography, Digital Tomosynthesis Mammography, Breast MRI, Breast Ultrasound, and to perform image guided and stereotactic breast biopsies.
  • Body MRI fellows will rotate through Body MRI, with optional/flexible MSK and Neuro MRI and have the opportunity to train with fellowship trained experienced faculty of the respected divisions. 
  • Applicants choosing Body imaging fellowship with focus in MSK, will be working with 8 MSK fellowship trained faculty, with opportunities to read US, CT, and MRI of all joints and extremities, as well as perform image guided procedures such as arthrograms, joint injections, and bone biopsies.
  • Body fellows with focus in PET Imaging, will be staffed by four PET Imaging fellowship trained Nuclear Medicine faculty, with opportunities to read PET scans of multiple diseases with different radiotracers, such as FDG, Axumin, PSMA, Cerianna and Dotatate with optional training in Brain and Cardiac FDG PET imaging.

Equipment on the Royal Oak campus includes:

  • MR: Total of 8 MR scanners, of which three are 3 Tesla and five are 1.5 Tesla magnets. One is a dedicated to cardiac MRI, one is within the ER, and one is dedicated to Breast imaging.
  • CT: Total of 8 CT scanners of which four have more than 125 slice detectors with Dual Energy capabilities. Three scanners are located within the emergency department.
  • US: Twenty ultrasound machines of which 4 are dedicated to MSK and Pediatrics Radiology, and 4 are within the ER. 
  • PET-CT: Two PET-CT scanners are stationed in the Nuclear Medicine Section at Royal Oak and one at the Troy campus (interpreted remotely from RO). 
  • 3-D Imaging lab: Our radiology department has an advanced 3-D imaging lab with multiple workstations. 


  • Salary: 2023-2024 salary for a PGY-6 is $72,945
  • Educational Funding/Professional Activity Account
    • As determined by budget, the fellows are allocated $1,200 the first six months and another $1,200 the second six months of the academic year, if the budget allows.
    • The fellows are also allotted additional funding towards membership dues ($500) and reimbursement for ACLS and BLS training.

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