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The Body Imaging Fellowship Program, which began in the 1980's, has provided a first-class educational program for physicians seeking additional training in US, CT, and MRI. This fellowship has provided and maintained an outstanding environment for those who wished to enhance their knowledge in cross-sectional imaging and related interventions. From 1988 through 2021, Beaumont's Body Imaging Fellowship has graduated 146 fellows. Graduates of this program hold appointments at academic institutions around the country or have entered private practice. We believe that this training has made a significant impact on their career and their way of practicing diagnostic radiology.

Goals and Objectives

  • To develop competency in screening of patients, protocol verification, and performance, interpretation and consultation of abdominal, thoracic and musculoskeletal body imaging techniques.
  • To learn an integrated approach to the performance of body imaging, including indications and cost effective utilization of various imaging modalities used in the care of patients. The value of each modality, whether sonography, CT, MRI or PET, will be emphasized.
  • To provide an opportunity to participate in teaching of others, including medical students and residents and to develop research skills related to various imaging modalities.
  • To develop competency in the performance of CT and US guided procedures.
  • To improve communication skills by presentation at multidisciplinary tumor boards, journal club and radiology conferences.
  • To work on a research project to further knowledge of and increase exposure to body imaging.

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Fellowship Programs
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