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The curriculum for the Body Imaging fellowship includes rotations in body MRI, CT, and US, with patients from emergency, inpatient and outpatient settings, all of which see a high volume of cases daily. As a 1000-bed hospital with a level 1 trauma emergency room, there is no shortage of pathology. Beaumont Hospital is a large surgical and oncologic center, as well as a liver and kidney transplant center, which allows for exposure to many advanced imaging cases. Beaumont also has a large Gastroenterology department, through which we get many requests for GI Flouroscopy, CT and MR enterography, and CT colonography. In addition, we do US and MR scanning of the prostate, including biopsy with both modalities.

At least 8 weeks of procedure experience are included in the full Body Imaging fellowship. We have a very busy body interventional service, with average of ten cases a day, including biopsy of lung, liver, kidney, lymph node, thyroid, etc. We also perform abscess drainage, paracentesis, and thoracentesis. We use ultrasound guidance as much as possible for our procedures, as well as CT guidance when needed. Rotation time is also dedicated within the fellowship for 3D-Lab experience, research, and elective. If you choose to pursue the minor focus in MSK or PET imaging, you will have a reduction in body imaging rotations to allow for 21 weeks of dedicated time in our Breast Imaging division, or 16 weeks of dedicated time in our Musculoskeletal Imaging / Nuclear Medicine/PET Imaging division.

As a non-accredited fellowship, at least 4 weeks (Mon-Fri) and 5 weekends (amount subject to change) is required to be spent on our generals service, where you will do primary staff reads on adult Chest and Abdomen Xray from the emergency and inpatient settings. You may staff residents during this time as well. This requirement does demand that you have passed the radiology core exam and have a permanent MI state medical license. There is also a requirement of six body imaging call weekend shifts, which you will do with a faculty member. All body imaging rotations will always be staffed by faculty.



  • Weekly Conference: Imaging rounds are held on Friday mornings. All of the interesting cases of the week are discussed with the presence of attending radiologists, fellows and residents. Fellows will be expected to present cases at this conference, along with the residents.
  • Daily Noon Conference: A conference is held daily at 12:00 pm noon designed for residents and fellows. Those conferences given by Body Imaging faculty are mandatory for the fellows to attend. Attendance at other division faculty lectures is optional but encouraged.
  • Tumor Board Conferences: Faculty of the Body Imaging Division participate in numerous tumor board conferences where cases are discussed among surgeons, oncologists, radiation oncologists, radiologists, and pathologists. The fellows are required to attend twelve of these conferences with a faculty member to discuss the imaging findings of the cases being presented.
  • Journal Club: A Journal Club is held monthly (subject to the number of fellows in a given academic year) in the Body Imaging division. Articles from the two major radiology journals are presented by fellows to the Body Imaging Division faculty.

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