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Pediatric Residency, Royal Oak


Meet our medical administration

A core of academic hospital-based faculty, as well as a large staff of pediatricians in private practice share the clinical and educational responsibilities of the program. The majority of pediatric subspecialties are represented.
Photo of Dr. Brian BermanBrian Berman, MD
Department Chair
Photo of Dr. Bassam GebaraBassam Gebara, MD
Vice Chair, Clinical Affairs
Photo of Dr. Kalli DoyleKalli Doyle, MD
Program Director
Vice Chair, Education
generic-avatar-maleJeffrey Maisels, MD
Director, Medical Affairs
Hernandaz Troya_AndreaAndrea Hernandez-Troya, MD
Associate Program Director
Photo of Dr. SahaiShashi Sahai, MD
Associate Program Director
Photo of Dr. Graham KrasanGraham Krasan, MD
Quality Safety Officer
Photo of Dr. David DewitteDavid Dewitte, MD
Chief Pediatrics, Troy
Photo of Dr. Jeanne LewandowskiJeanne Lewandowski, MD
Chief Pediatrics, Grosse Pointe
Photo of Dr. Blatt

Neal Blatt, MD, PhD

Associate Director, Academic Affairs
Photo of Dr. Dekelbab

Bassem Deklbab, MD
Director, Ambulatory Specialty Pediatrics

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