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Pediatric Residency, Royal Oak


The curriculum is an excellent balance between ambulatory and inpatient components, as well as primary care and tertiary care components. The program fully meets the ACGME program requirements for graduate medical education in pediatrics.

  • five individualized curriculum training tracks which optimally prepare residents for fellowship training or primary care practice
    • primary care
    • pediatric critical care
    • hospitalist
    • neonatology
    • pediatric subspecialist
  • robust quality improvement curriculum
    • “Your Role in Promoting Patient Safety,” “Beaumont QI: Introduction to Quality Behaviors,” and “Safe Transitions of Care” courses provided during orientation
    • Kaizen – a cutting edge program which provides two full days of intensive, hands-on quality improvement scheduled during intern year
    • group quality improvement projects with mentorship from faculty
    • opportunities to participate in hospital-wide quality committees
  • innovative pediatric advocacy
    • community health and advocacy rotation affords residents the opportunity to work directly with community agencies
    • MIAPP pediatric advocacy elective
    • resident representatives attend Pediatric Advocacy Day and GME Advocacy Day in Lansing
    • active resident involvement in the AAP resident section
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The program offers a robust didactic curriculum consisting of departmental conferences, lectures, and teaching rounds.

Morning Report 

  • in-depth discussion of interesting cases recently admitted to the pediatric service
  • cases from the ambulatory clinics, emergency center, and pediatricians' offices also may be presented
  • held at 8:00 a.m. on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings
  • conducted by the Director of Student and Resident Education
  • residents are exposed to discussions of differential diagnosis and management by the faculty
    • an evidence-based approach with Socratic teaching method is used
  • one session of morning report each month is devoted to a formal pediatric board review conference


  • presented quarterly during Morning Report
  • an introductory session focuses on a discussion of the components of professionalism
    • following the introductory discussion, vignettes on professionalism are used as teaching tools to facilitate in-depth discussions and educational lectures on all aspects of professionalism

Grand Rounds

  • encompass a wide variety of pediatric topics by local, regional, and national authorities
  • held each Tuesday morning of the month, with the exception of the fourth, at 8:15 a.m.

Pediatric Quality Improvement Conference

  • 4th Tuesday of the month at 8:15 a.m.
  • cases involving specific morbidity or mortality are presented by the house staff and discussed by the appropriate faculty to emphasize areas where diagnosis and management could have been improved
  • discussions are also used to implement system-wide changes that promote patient safety

Radiology Conference

  • comprises a review of interesting and educational pediatric radiographs and other imaging studies
  • detailed discussion conducted by one of the pediatric radiologists
  • held on the first Thursday of the month at 8:00 a.m.

Didactic Lectures

  • pediatric specific lectures held daily at noon in the main hospital
  • lectures given by pediatric faculty and attending staff, covering a complete range of pediatric topics in a systematic manner
  • residents are also given the opportunity to enhance their communication and teaching skills by presenting conferences during specific rotations

Journal Club

  • teaches residents critical analysis of medical/scientific literature, as well as evaluation of the quality of research by having them present an academic article of interest
  • statistics, methodology, and research design are taught using a detailed rubric
  • held monthly at noon

Teaching Rounds

  • held regularly on each clinical service

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