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The Beaumont Health Pediatric Residency Program and the Department of Pediatrics incorporate diversity as a core value and consider this value in all resident and faculty recruitment endeavors. Our program is quite diverse with regard to nationality, culture, religion and creed, as well as backgrounds, experiences, abilities, personalities, and demographics. The Department of Pediatrics works closely with an employed professional who serves the role of supporting the recruitment of new faculty. As an organizational and program priority, we seek applications from as broad a range of qualified applicants as possible, including underrepresented minorities. We diversify our recruitment resources through networking events, recruiting fairs, job boards, and other sourcing methods, attracting diversity by design. Our residency program ensures that we recruit the best qualified and diverse candidates by incorporating careful review of applicant files and consideration of additional types of workforce diversity as well, including allopathic and osteopathic trainees, American medical school graduates and international medical school graduates, residents who have completed previous residencies or portions of previous residencies and those directly out of medical school training, residents who have accomplished additional degrees in areas other than in medicine and those with degrees solely in medicine, and residents who have been involved with a variety of diverse, interesting, creative projects and endeavors during their professional lives. Continuing to foster inclusion, respect, and understanding in the workplace is a priority for our program and is an excellent way to continue to recruit for workforce diversity.

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