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OUWB School of Medicine and Corewell Health William Beaumont University Hospital - Royal Oak Department of Emergency Medicine EM Clerkship


Clerkship Polices

Schedules, Forms and Documentation
Schedules, Forms and Documentation

Your schedule will be given to you at the beginning of your rotation and will also be located on the clerkship website. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to be present for all of your shifts. Shift attendance is kept track of in several ways. Your shift evals are followed to ensure attendance; you also need to sign in to every shift in the Medical student book in Area C at Royal Oak and in the sign in book at Troy.

Shifts will be assigned in all areas of the EC including critical care areas and the pediatric EC. Shifts will vary in time of day; there will be morning, afternoon, and overnight shifts. You will also be working shifts on the weekends. Every student will also do a procedure shift.

If there are extenuating circumstances that prevent you from going to your shift, you MUST contact either Takesha Shelton or Dr. Joseph. All missed shifts must be made up. We understand emergencies do arise and each will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

We do accept requests for educational activities, conferences. If you made a schedule request at least 2 weeks prior to your rotation, we do our best to honor it. However, requests CANNOT be guaranteed. Please refrain from making personal requests. Again, we understand there are extenuating circumstances; however, social requests will be frowned upon.

Requests for residency interviews: We follow the OUWB policy for days off during interview season. This allows for 3 days off for interviews. We do not schedule around a students’ interview schedule for the entire month. Again, a request to schedule around more than the allotted 3 days is heavily frowned upon. If you require more than the 3 allotted dates, we highly recommend rescheduling your rotation.

If you need to make a change in your schedule, you may switch shifts with another student. Shift swaps may not interfere with time off between shifts, or the didactic schedule; you must have 10 hours off between shifts. Any shift swap/change requires the approval of Dr. Joseph. This must happen before the shift occurs to ensure that there is not a scheduling violation.

Every student will work several shifts at the Corewell Health Beaumont Troy Hospital EC. This gives another experience of a community ER without residents. You will work directly with the attendings at this site. The Troy Site Director is Dr Goike. If you have any problems at this site, you can contact her or Dr Joseph.

Please ensure that you sign in at this site and give an evaluation form to be completed as you do at Royal Oak.

Directions for this site will be included in your orientation packet. It is located at: 44201 Dequindre Road in Troy (North of 19 mile, and South of M-59)

Please use the Clinical Performance Evaluation provided to you. You MUST give an evaluation form to the Attending (and resident if on shift) for EVERY SHIFT you work. This means you will be giving out multiple evaluation forms for each shift. They will be responsible for turning these in. If you are given the form back, please place in the Med student eval box in the Area C work room, or give to Takesha Shelton.

These evaluation forms help provide a well-rounded appraisal of your clinical performance; they also serves as confirmation of attendance for your shift. We keep track of the dates, staff that you worked the shift with to ensure compliance with the schedule. If we note that an evaluation is not turned in for a shift, it is assumed that you were not there and make-up shifts will need to be completed.

An end of rotation exam is required for all students. The exam requirements differ slightly for OU students versus those from outside institutions. The examinations are closed book; you are not to consult any resources during the examination.

OUWB EM Clerkship Students

You will be taking the NBME Subject exam. This will be administered at OU on the date noted on the schedule.

Outside EM Elective Students

You will be taking the Departmental exam. This is a 50 question, multiple choice test. This is based on the on-line lectures, discussion sessions and learning objectives.
You may schedule your exam during the last week of the rotation. You must contact Takesha Shelton to schedule this. You may not take the exam during a shift or a required student didactic activity.

All students must complete the clerkship OSCE. This is held once per month at the Troy Clinical Skills center. This is required to pass the rotation. This exam is Pass/Fail. If you miss this exam, you will receive an Incomplete for the rotation.

The exam will consist of a simulated patient experience that you could likely encounter in the EC.

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