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Mentors who Believe in You

Mentorship, when implemented early in one’s career, has been shown to lead to higher career satisfaction and advancement. Over the course of our training program, mentors help our aspiring resident physicians maximize their potential and reach their professional goals. The cornerstones of this mentorship include progressive guidance, serving as a role model, and advocacy for resident success. Mentors are tasked with pulling residents out of their comfort zone while maintaining a safe, supportive environment for learning. Our faculty mentors emphasize personal growth in their mentees, while maintaining mental and physical wellbeing.

Mentorship Structure

  • Each PGY1 will select a faculty mentor after the first 3 months of residency training.  Program faculty will help to establish the relationship.  Yearly, this relationship will be evaluated by the Faculty Mentor and Resident Mentee for continuity throughout residency.
  • The Faculty mentor and Resident mentee will be active participants in building a successful relationship.
  • Mentorship meetings will be encouraged at least three times per academic year with a focus on progressive training goals, personal goals, review of resident-specific training evaluations, reported feedback, and holistic patient review.
  • Mentors are available to specifically assist with lecture presentations, scholarly activity requirements, elective planning, in-training exam studying, mock oral boards preparation, CV and job search preparation, and fellowship opportunities.
  • Mentors will work alongside program leadership to facilitate best training practices and maintain requirements for successful residency completion by their mentees.

Our mentors are committed to the personal and professional well-being of our residents-in-training.  Our program is committed to establishing and supporting this formal mentorship relationship as it promotes resident achievement.  

What Makes Mentorship Special: Residents Perspective


“What I really think is meaningful about mentorship is that you feel attached to someone that you can bounce things off of professionally or personally. My mentor explores my thought processes and pushes a bit differently.”


"My mentor checks in with me all the time, in facets both related to work and outside of work. He makes sure that academically I’m succeeding and provides me with resources to ensure this. He also is a great advocate for me within the program and is always checking in to see how my shifts are going and how my relationships are with my co-residents and faculty."

What Makes Mentorship Special: Faculty Perspective

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"I have enjoyed getting to know my mentee on a personal level. Turns out that we have a lot in common. I also enjoy talking about his future plans and career goals as it relates to EM. To get the perspective of someone early in their career, it keeps me young at heart."
— Dr. Dave Donaldson - EM Faculty Mentor
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"While growth is evident with all residents, having the more close, personal connection with a mentee allows me to watch their growth from a different angle. Being a mentor allows me to build relationships that are life-long. EM is a team sport and having a group of people I can rely on to safely discuss a case or to understand the difficulty of the specialty makes the job easier."
— Dr. Steven Joseph - EM Faculty Mentor
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"It has been special for me to collaborate with my mentee in scholarly activity. I think this forges a bond which goes beyond the normal mentor/mentee relationship. It helps demonstrate a track record of productivity which may be appealing to their future employers. I also believe the mentor/mentee bond is most special when this relationship continues after the mentee graduates which I have been fortunate to experience."
— Dr. David Berger - EM Faculty Mentor
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"Putting yourself in these youngsters' shoes brings me back to a time long gone by and allows reflection of a career. Sharing knowledge that will help someone navigate their career adds meaning to your own."
— Dr. Chris Hutchinson - EM Faculty Mentor

Payal Shah MD

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