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Family Medicine with Osteopathic Recognition Residency, Farmington Hills


Rotation schedule

Year 1

Family Medicine Clinic1 1/2 month in continuity clinic, 1 half day weekly when off service 
(with the exception during ICU months)
Emergency Medicine1 month
General Internal Medicine (Inpatient Rounder)1 months
General Surgery1 month
ICU1 month
Medicine Elective2 months
OB labor and delivery1 month
Pediatrics (Inpatient and Newborns)2 month (1 month a Beaumont Royal Oak)
Podiatry2 weeks
Surgery Elective
1 month


Year 2
Family Medicine Continuity Clinic1 month, 3 half-days when off service
Emergency Medicine1 month
ENT1 month
General Internal Medicine (Inpatient rounder)1 month
Health Care Disparities - Community Medicine2 weeks
Internal Medicine Sub-specialty - suggested: Cardiology, GI, Pulmonary 2 months - 1 month each of 2 different sub-specialties
OB and Prenatal1 month
Orthopedics1 month
Pediatrics (Ambulatory and Newborn)1 month
Radiology2 weeks

Year 3
Family Medicine Clinic1 month, 3 half-days when off service
Electives4 months
General Internal Medicine (Inpatient rounder)1 month
Geriatrics1 month
OB-GYN ambulatory1 month
Occupational Med/Rehab/PT/OMM1 month
Pediatrics - outpatient1 month
Neurology1 month
Sports Medicine1 month

Recommended electives

Chemical Dependency UnitPalliative Care
Hematology/OncologyPeripheral Vascular Disease 
Infectious Disease
NutritionPlus more

Residency Programs

Fellowship Programs

Fellowship Programs
(no ACGME Accreditation)

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