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Corewell Health is the new name for Beaumont.

Frequently asked questions

  • The Resident Ambulatory Clinic is busy.  Our residents have never had difficulty reaching the mandatory patient encounters. Our clinic provides an abundance in medical complexity as well as diversity in our patient population, thus making our residents well-prepared for graduation and practicing on their own. 
  • We have a strong Osteopathic focus and training.
  • There is great flexibility within ambulatory vs hospital rotations without compromising your training.
  • We have a number of elective months to allow you to focus on areas of interest.
  • We teach POCUS (Point of Care Ultrasound).
  • Our procedural training is excellent and driven by your initiative. Our residents are the ones who are table trainers in the SCS workshops.
  • We are an ACGME-accredited program with Osteopathic Recognition, with all residency positions with osteopathic designation. 
  • We have an opposed program which teaches you to work in a collaborative, real world environment with all medical specialties and subspecialties as an active respected member of the team in the in-patient and out-patient environment.
  • Our In-Patient hospital rotation is set up in a way it does not impact your continuity clinic days.
  • The Core faculty are all involved in your training and you will work with each of them during your residency. This allows the resident to learn from several but feel very comfortable with all the faculty.  We are a family and our goal is to work towards comradery and cohesiveness within our program for everyone’s well being.

Quotes from Professional Staff Physicians

  • You are a Farmington Hills resident? No wonder you are are on top of everything (Nurse from Beaumont Royal Oak)
  • The Family Medicine Residents are doing a great job helping in the ICU and communicating with families.  (Sent by our CEO during the COVID Crisis)
  • I would take them in the cardiology office any day. They are amazing working with Patients.  (Phone conversation with PD of Cardiology fellowship)
  • The Beaumont Farmington Hills Family Medicine residents are the best I have worked with of the residents that rotate through our office.  (Endocrine faculty)
  • The only residents I will take for rotations are the Beaumont Family Medicine residents. They are the best. (Allergy/Immunology faculty)

Residency Programs

Fellowship Programs

Fellowship Programs
(no ACGME Accreditation)

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