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“"I wanted to train at a residency program where I could come out the other side and feel proficient as a family doctor while also feeling supported in the learning process.  The Beaumont Wayne FM program definitely allowed me to push myself to do so.  Looking back I am certain that the key to this journey is the staff and residents.  The attendings practice full scope family medicine and always had your best interest in mind no matter the clinical setting. They provided guidance when needed and autonomy when it was appropriate.  Most of all they cared about your success and always lent a hand when you needed it.  The nursing and office personnel kept the busy outpatient clinic running smoothly, cared about the patients, and always had your back.  My co-residents were all-stars and created a fun learning environment; I would trust them with the care of any of my family or friends.  Finally, the program's relationship with the hospital is unique and allows you to engage one on one with specialists from all disciplines in the care of your patients.  After graduation I am moving on to practice in both the outpatient and inpatient settings and I feel more than prepared to do so.”

–Matthew Ouellette, DO Class of 2020

“I knew that Beaumont Hospital- Wayne was the right place for me even before the interview day came to an end. I appreciated the warmth of the attendings and residents alike, the sense of community, and the general atmosphere of respect and dedication to patient care. 

Other than the collegial atmosphere, the biggest draw at Beaumont Hospital-Wayne is the unopposed training you receive in a community hospital. This a must for one desiring strong full spectrum training. My co-residents and I were the only residents on our medicine ward and in the ICU and the sole residents caring for our obstetrics, newborn, and pediatric patients. On these rotations you, the FM resident, are working directly with the attending and consulting physicians which I found to be an invaluable aspect to my training. This strong inpatient training translated into better care for our patients at our resident clinic. 

As a recent graduate, I am prepared to care for any patient that walks through my clinic doors. If I had to go back and do it all again, I’d choose BH-Wayne every time.”

- Zeinab Makki, MD Class of 2020

“I grew up in Michigan, just down the street from Beaumont Wayne. I attended the University of Michigan for college and Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine for medical school. To be honest, by the time residency rolled around, I was pretty dead set on moving out of the "mitten". I applied and interviewed heavily at out-of-state programs. Beaumont Wayne was one of my very last interviews of the season. By the end of my interview day, I knew Beaumont Wayne was definitely worth sticking around for. I am so grateful I matched at this program. The jump from medical school to medical resident can be extremely stressful and daunting but under the amazing leadership of Dr. Weaver and the wonderful core faculty and staff at Beaumont Wayne, you quickly feel at ease. Beaumont Wayne truly feels like a family. The faculty are extremely approachable and dedicated to the residents' educational experience. Their passion for the field of family medicine shines through and motivates you during your journey. Everything feels new as a resident. Even simple things like registering your DEA and staying on top of your licensing do not feel simple in the beginning. Rest assured, you have amazing staff in the residency office and in the clinic to help you every step of the way. You will rotate with incredible specialists during your time at Beaumont Wayne which adds to your educational experience and helps build a great network that extends far beyond residency. Beaumont Wayne is considered at unopposed residency which I think is such a huge bonus. For core hospital service lines such as pediatrics, medicine, and newborn nursery, family medicine residents and faculty run the show which builds your confidence in practicing hospital medicine and seeing pediatric patients. By completing residency at Beaumont Wayne, you graduate an extremely well-rounded family medicine physician capable of practicing in any environment. You will have made a lifelong network of colleagues, friends, and mentors. At Beaumont Wayne I felt respected and encouraged every step of the way. If given the opportunity, I would definitely choose Beaumont Wayne again!”

–Chelsea Gonzalez, DO Class of 2018

“I loved my experience at Beaumont - Wayne Hospital's Family Medicine Residency Program because I was able to learn from a dedicated group of doctors who are committed to teaching and nurturing residents. The program leadership and faculty do a fantastic job of setting expectations and creating a culture of healing and patient-centered care.”

–Paul Thomas, MD Class of 2016

“As a graduate of the class of 2015, I chose the residency program for its emphasis on training residents to practice the full scope of family medicine in a supportive learning environment. During my time as a resident, each of the faculty were knowledgeable, dedicated, and approachable teachers as well as true role models of how to best care for patients. I was also impressed by the consistent teamwork and strong camaraderie between the residents.  One of the biggest highlights of the program for me was the opportunity to treat a wide range of medical conditions while building continuity relationships with a diverse patient population at the Beaumont Westland Family Medicine Clinic. Upon graduation from the residency, I felt very well-prepared to offer quality outpatient care for patients of all ages and backgrounds.”

- Leanne Swiderski, MD Class of 2015

“I graduated from Wayne State University in 2004 and spent a good amount of time interviewing at over 20 residency sites. I tried very hard to find a residency program that fit my needs and personality. Wanting to leave Michigan quite badly, I figured finding an out-of-state residency program would be a piece of cake! When I was making my pros/cons list, Oakwood came out on top by quite a wide margin. I simply couldn't pass up such an opportunity and my expectations were certainly exceeded during my residency. I was allowed to concentrate on OB as I wanted to focus on women's health and obstetrics. I felt as if I received the best training possible. Without this training, I doubt I would have been offered a position in one of the nation's top obstetrical fellowships in Seattle, WA.

Now that I've completed the fellowship, I wanted to come back to Oakwood to bring what I learned to our new and upcoming OB Fellowship. I believe that Oakwood's Family Medicine Program is truly one of the nation's best. I would not have returned to Oakwood otherwise. Although Oakwood is an established program, it continues to grow and evolve.” 

- Kevin Wang, MD Oakwood Class of 2007

“There are many family practice residency programs and choosing one is as individual a decision as one can make. Some may look for programs with a better call schedule - others may look for better pay. Oakwood FP is where I found what I was looking for - the people. Working, learning and teaching with the residents and staff of Oakwood was the most powerful educational experience of my life. Every medical student should look for this with their choice of residency program. I hope they cherish their experiences as I do mine at Oakwood.”
- Paul Scaddan, MD Oakwood Class of 2003

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