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Family Medicine Residency, Wayne


“I graduated from Wayne State University in 2004 and spent a good amount of time interviewing at over 20 residency sites. I tried very hard to find a residency program that fit my needs and personality. Wanting to leave Michigan quite badly, I figured finding an out-of-state residency program would be a piece of cake! When I was making my pros/cons list, Oakwood came out on top by quite a wide margin. I simply couldn't pass up such an opportunity and my expectations were certainly exceeded during my residency. I was allowed to concentrate on OB as I wanted to focus on women's health and obstetrics. I felt as if I received the best training possible. Without this training, I doubt I would have been offered a position in one of the nation's top obstetrical fellowships in Seattle, WA.

Now that I've completed the fellowship, I wanted to come back to Oakwood to bring what I learned to our new and upcoming OB Fellowship. I believe that Oakwood's Family Medicine Program is truly one of the nation's best. I would not have returned to Oakwood otherwise. Although Oakwood is an established program, it continues to grow and evolve.” 
- Kevin Wang, MD Oakwood Class of 2007

“There are many family practice residency programs and choosing one is as individual a decision as one can make. Some may look for programs with a better call schedule - others may look for better pay. Oakwood FP is where I found what I was looking for - the people. Working, learning and teaching with the residents and staff of Oakwood was the most powerful educational experience of my life. Every medical student should look for this with their choice of residency program. I hope they cherish their experiences as I do mine at Oakwood.”
- Paul Scaddan, MD Oakwood Class of 2003

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