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Corewell Health is the new name for Beaumont.

Beaumont has a vibrant and active research community, anchored by the six-story Beaumont Research Center. Members of the Department of Anesthesiology are actively involved in both clinical and basic science research, and publish regularly on topics as varied as pain management, neuromuscular blockade, and education. All residents will participate in scholarly activities, and any resident expressing interest will be assigned a research mentor.

Research requirements

The research curriculum will be integrated into the three-year didactic schedule via a structured and mandatory journal club program: Rather than picking articles at random and having residents/faculty simply summarize their content to their colleagues, the goal of this program is to not only educate residents on the science contained within the article, but also on the study design and utility of findings/conclusions.

  • present a research project or case report once at the annual Midwest Anesthesia Residents Conference (MARC)
  • become CITI (Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative) certified as part of our integrated research training curriculum
  • in accordance with the program requirements of the Anesthesiology RRC, a full senior 6-month research track will be made available
    • with emphasis on developing research ideas and preparing protocols for IRB submission

Program includes

Identification and discussion of recent (<1 year) articles that fall into each of the following categories. A 15 minute lecture highlighting the study design should precede discussion of the article itself.

  • meta-analysis
  • randomized placebo controlled multicenter trial
  • randomized small sample-size study
  • case report
  • retrospective analysis
  • industry-funded project
  • published ASA (or other organization) guidelines/recommendations

Identification and discussion of recent (<1 year) articles that make use of, and allow discussion of the following statistical tools. A 15 minute lecture highlighting the statistical tools in question should precede discussion of the article itself.

  • Power analysis
  • Randomization
  • Parametric vs. nonparametric testing
  • Obscure statistical tests with or without author justification

Discussion of "classic" articles and whether their conclusions have stood the test of time. Will also be utilized as part of our visiting professor program.

In addition, there will be a 3-part didactic series focusing on the basics of data analysis and study design:

  • statistics for anesthesiologists (CA2 lecture)
  • basics of study design (CA2 lecture)
  • quality and ethics in medical research (online learning tool plus mandatory CITI training)

Residency Programs

Fellowship Programs

Fellowship Programs
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