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Meet our core clinical faculty 

The core faculty of the Beaumont Department of Anesthesiology are all members of the South Oakland Anesthesia Associates group, and together represent the largest and most diverse practice in Michigan. Its members have a diverse range of educational experience, and many have taught in academic departments in the past, having held key educational positions such as residency director and director of education elsewhere.

The following is a list of our education department directors, with approximately 30 anesthesiologists in total serving as teaching faculty.


Photo of Dr. Roy Soto Roy Soto, MD
Program Director, Anesthesiology Residency Program
Photo of Dr. Rebecca Clemans Rebecca Clemans, MD
Director, Pain in Anesthesiology 
Photo of Dr. Ashbahi Moumen Asbahi, MD   
Assistant Program Director, Anesthesiology Residency Program       
Director, Thoracic/Vascular and Board Runner Rotation    
Photo of Dr. McCue
Michael McCue, MD   
Department Chair, Anesthesiology  
Photo of Dr. Aslani Kaveh Aslani, MD
Director, Pediatric Anesthesiology 
generic-avatar-female Bassel Kadi, MD 
Director, ECHO/TEE Rotation
Julie Kado, MD 
Director, SICU and Cardiac ICU Rotation  
 Ksenia Koltun, MD
Director, Regional Anesthesiology Rotation 
Bradley Larson, MD   
Director, PreOp Rotation  
Saifeldin Mahmoud, MD 
Director, North Tower Anesthesiology Rotation
Meagan McDavid, MD   
Director, Ambulatory Anesthesiology Rotation
Joseph Melrose, MD   
Director, PACU Rotation
Jose Blanco Navas, MD  
Director, Cardiac Anesthesiology Rotation
Matthew Price, MD   
Chairman, Clinical Competency Committee
Director of Quality 
Kathryn Reck, DO  
Rotation Site Director – Grosse Pointe
Alyssa Risk, MD   
Director, South Tower Anesthesiology Rotation
Photo of Dr. Serrano
Ricardo Serrano, MD   
Director, Neuro Anesthesiology Rotation
Patrick Stafford, MD 
Director, Non-Operating Room Anesthesiology Rotation 
Christie Vahabzadeh, MD
Director, Obstetric Anesthesiology Rotation 


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Fellowship Programs
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