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Education mission

To train highly qualified anesthesiology consultants as defined by the American Board of Anesthesiology.


  • possess knowledge, judgment, adaptability, clinical skills, technical facility and personal characteristics to carry out the entire scope of anesthesiology practice
  • will be able to communicate effectively with peers, patients and their families, and others in the medical community
  • can serve as an expert in matters related to anesthesiology, deliberate with others, provide advice and defend opinions in all aspects of the specialty of anesthesiology
  • will able to function as the leader of the anesthesiology care team

Educational vision

To inspire, exemplify, and direct all who complete their anesthesiology residency training at Beaumont's tutelage to aspire to advance the field of anesthesiology. The vision is to cultivate the next generation of leaders who will improve the quality of patient care, scholarly activities, academic advancement, and tackle business and political initiatives.

Educational goal

A multi-factorial process encompassing world class didactic and encouraging self-learning, the resident will come to appreciate that knowledge and understanding is a life-long pursuit. We also realize that learning styles differ among individuals. Therefore, we have designed a learning program that can best suit a variety of teaching and learning strategies.

Specific roatation-based goals and objectives »

Competency based goals

Patient care 

  • successfully graduated residents will be compassionate, efficient, and effective doctors that maintain a constant focus on patient safety

Medical knowledge

  • successfully graduated residents will have a mastery of the practice of anesthesiology and be leaders in subspecialties

Practice-based learning & improvement

  • successfully graduated residents will be adept at gathering up-to-date information on their own, and will be able to judge the quality of this information as it pertains to their clinical milieu
  • will also function as teachers to perioperative personnel on matters of perioperative patient safety

Interpersonal & communications skills

  • successfully graduated residents will have the ability to communicate needs efficiently and clearly (both verbally and in writing) to their peers and the perioperative staff


  • successfully graduated residents will demonstrate the ability to interact professionally with the permanent and transient OR staff
  • will maintain a professional image at all times, especially with respect to patients and their visiting family members

Systems-based practice 

  • successfully graduated residents will demonstrate an understanding of university-based anesthesiology practice, including its interactions with other specialties, both medical and surgical
  • graduates will practice cost-effective health care and resource allocation through evidence-based medical practice that does not compromise quality of care

Residency Programs

Fellowship Programs

Fellowship Programs
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