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Ophthalmology Residency, Royal Oak

Volunteer & Community Service

Our residents have the opportunity to participate in the following:

  • Eye screening events hosted by the Michigan Society of Eye Physicians & Surgeons (these are held at least quarterly with ophthalmologists, residents & medical students from multiple residency programs).
  • Eye screening events hosted by the Ophthalmology Interest Group through OUWB (our medical school).
    • Our last one was held at the Mexican Consulate in the spring (our PGY-2's who were on their research month spent a half-day with the medical students, myself & the OIG faculty advisor Dr. Adam Weiner doing full exams including IOP measurement & dilation -- they even arranged to have slit-lamps brought in).
  • OUWB has a free clinic in Pontiac (the Gary Bernstein Clinic) that provides general primary care (Peds, IM, Ob/Gyn) and we are in discussion about having our residents work with the medical students there.
  • Global health opportunity / volunteering in Kenya - one PGY-4 resident volunteers with a group of ophthalmologists (many of whom are involved in our residency training program).

Vision Screening at the Mexican Consulate - June 2023

Medical students from the Ophthalmology Interest Group at Oakland University William Beaumont working alongside our PGY-2 residents.

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