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Ophthalmology Residency, Royal Oak

The Ophthalmology Residency at Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak provides a resident physician with a broad-based educational experience required to prepare the trainee for practice as a comprehensive ophthalmologist or as the basis from which to pursue additional fellowship training.


  • learn and train in a collegial, supportive learning environment
  • experienced, dedicated faculty committed to resident education
  • early exposure to surgery in a supportive coordinated progressive surgical curriculum
  • robust subspecialty clinical and surgical experiences
  • learn from experienced surgical instructors, leaders in their respective fields
  • patient care and education in an environment that values safety and quality


The mission of the Beaumont Royal Oak, Department of Ophthalmology residency training program is to provide compassionate, extraordinary care to a diverse patient population, in a comprehensive educational experience that prepares physicians to meet the demands of contemporary ophthalmology practice and empowers them to pursue their individual career goals in an environment that fosters a strong commitment to education and patient and family centered care. Residents learn to provide patient- and family-centered care, contributing to the health and well-being of patients throughout the community.


  • To prepare residents to practice as a comprehensive Ophthalmologist or pursue further sub-specialized Fellowship training. 
  • For all residents to possess the critical analytical, examination, and surgical skills, medical and practice management knowledge and patient care experience necessary to pursue a clinical or academic career. 
  • For all graduates to be superb clinicians, with excellent surgical skills, who understand their role in the health care system, recognizes a responsibility to their community and society and values their patients and their families.
  • To provide an unmatched experience for resident physicians, allowing them to exceed the minimum standard of Board certification.
  • To develop leaders and innovators in medicine by providing the highest quality training program.

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