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Ophthalmology Residency, Royal Oak


Understanding the quality of one's training is difficult to do while in residency. It isn't until we're out and either practicing on our own or at another training program for fellowship that we can reflect on our knowledge base, skills and confidence that developed while in residency. The mentorship, teaching, clinical skills and surgical training that I received at Beaumont paved the way for me to excel in my fellowship and gain the trust in my colleagues, attendings, and patients alike. The graduated autonomy in delivering patient care instilled confidence that I am doing right by the patient and eased the transition to the next step in my career. Each attending at Beaumont is dedicated to creating confident and competent physicians and they do so by placing the residents in the driver's seat.”

Hassan Tausif, MD – BEI Resident Alum 2020

"Since completing residency at Beaumont, I've gained a strong appreciation for the quality of training that I received. BEI residents are immersed in world-class academic medicine as well as highly successful private practice. The result is an outstanding knowledge base combined with a practical understanding of how to deliver high quality care. While working at multiple institutions as a fellow, I felt very well prepared by my residency experience at BEI, which I believe compares favorably to any other program in the country." 

David Rooney, MD - BEI Resident Alum 2019

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