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Neurology Residency, Farmington Hills & Royal Oak

The Neurology Residency Program at Beaumont Health is a shared four-year program between Beaumont, Farmington Hills and Beaumont, Royal Oak. The program is designed to provide a comprehensive clinical and didactic atmosphere so the neurology resident can acquire all the necessary skills to go into a successful clinical practice of neurology. Staff are committed to delivering the highest quality of neurological care, including diagnosis and treatment to the community, patients and referring physicians we serve.

The neurology resident is an integral part of the team approach to health care in order to attain our professed goals.

Working together, teaching, communicating and sharing new information, the attending and resident neurology staff at Beaumont, Farmington Hills; Beaumont, Royal Oak and the Michigan Institute for Neurologic Disorders (MIND), uphold the long-standing tradition that has kept neurology a busy, vital, active and essential service, even as the face of medicine has changed through the years.

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