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Former graduates experiences with the Beaumont Health Dietetic Internship

I had a wonderful experience completing the internship at Beaumont. Preceptors were considerate, supportive, and provided encouragement to improve knowledge and skills. The internship provided a well-rounded experience with additional volunteer and advocacy opportunities. After completing the internship, I feel more confident in my abilities to perform as an entry level RD. – Megan Heath

My experience with Beaumont will carry through with me the rest of my life. Every rotation taught new lessons and made me more confident moving forward in my internship. All my preceptors were accommodating and took time out of their day to help me prepare to work independently as a Registered Dietitian. I was very impressed with how organized this program was and the expectations were made clear from the start. A variety of rotations were offered allowing you to get a broad range of knowledge based on your preferences. While all internships are challenging, I felt this program was well paced and allowed you to learn the subject matter without feeling rushed. After I passed my R.D. exam, my preceptors went out of their way to help me get accepted into a master’s program in Nutrition and Dietetics. I was very grateful for all their help and support. Could not have asked for a better internship and I am happy to have made these wonderful experiences with everyone in this program. -James Lowery.

I am honored to have completed the Dietetic Internship at Beaumont Health-a reputable and highly recommended health care system. Although knowledge is gathered in the classroom, the Beaumont health internship in an 1100+ bed hospital provides ample opportunity to learn and the hands-on approach has been invaluable! I realized the importance of the internship before going into the "real world" and am grateful for the opportunity! The Clinical RD preceptors were wonderful as they all were respectful, filled with knowledge and truly aspired to provide the intern with the best learning experience they could.The Beaumont Dietetic internship program was an exceptional experience, providing an excellent foundation to begin my career confidently as a Registered Dietitian! -Natalie Watha

The Beaumont Health Dietetic Internship provided me with an amazing experience. The preceptors are beyond welcoming, knowledgeable, and supportive throughout the entire program. The unique rotations available helped prepare me for my next chapter of life. I have my Beaumont family to thank for my knowledge and confidence gained in becoming the next graduate of Beaumont's Dietetic Internship Program. -Danielle Sova

My experience with the Beaumont Health Internship has been wonderful. From the variety of clinical experience we get down to the amazing preceptors we have the pleasure of working with, I could not have asked for more. I feel lucky to have completed my dietetic internship at Beaumont. With everything I have learned the past 7 months and all of the resources I have been provided with, I truly feel that with some studying and preparation, I am as prepared as I could possibly be to take my RD exam and begin a career as a registered dietitian with confidence. -Bailey Rice

I received more knowledge, experience, and growth from this program than I originally thought I would. I feel I am a completely different person from start to finish. I have more self-confidence, more clinical knowledge, and a new profound passion for this field. -Lauren Baker

I've had nothing but great things to say, each rotation has been such an incredible learning experience, honestly, each and every one. I was one of the two interns placed at Troy hospital for my clinical and had a wonderful experience, me and the dietitians here have a built such a nice relationship, I will miss them once I'm gone. From entering this internship with minimal clinical background, I can now say feel 100% confident I can perform as a dietitian in the field. My foodservice rotation was also phenomenal, Brendy and the rest of the nutritional service staff I worked with were so kind and knowledgeable, willing to help me with anything I needed so I could reach my goals, and I was presented with great opportunities to learn throughout the rotation. As far as my community rotation, I was placed at the National Kidney Foundation, at first I was a little skeptical because I never really thought "community nutrition" was my niche, but Mary is such an inspiration to work with, she really made it exciting to come to work every day and pushed me to try new things and to be confident. Overall, I do not have one negative comment to make about my about my internship experience, I'm lucky I was able to be involved in such a great program, and meet some phenomenal people that have truly impacted my life so much. -Amber Waskiewicz

My experience with the Beaumont Internship, it was great. The internship provided me with unique outpatient opportunities and clinical perspectives to enhance my readiness to become a registered dietitian. -Chelsea Bono

Tips for prospective students

Be flexible, the rotations consistently change and that day to day the experience may change significantly. Try to stay organized, plan time outside of the workday to complete modules and assignments at a reasonable pace to prevent burn out. Don't forget about self-care, be sure to schedule you time, time with friends and family or time in general to do what makes you happy. Reach out to the internship director and/or preceptors if you are struggling or having hardships. Every RD is very compassionate and willing to work with you to meet your goals! – Megan Heath

This is your hands-on experience, so take advantage of it and make the most out of your internship! If you couldn't find an answer after looking it up ask your preceptor, take notes and gather as much information as you possibly can! Doing so will boost your confidence as you set out to the real world as a Registered Dietitian! ~Natalie Watha

Be organized and utilize time-management skills. Although you have graduated and are moving on to a "working" style environment, there are still required assignments, projects and presentations that are expected throughout the internship. Don't wait until the minute they're due. Stay on top of the extra work by being organized and having good time-management skills. It will help to avoid being unprepared for specific rotations and presentations expected of you. -Danielle Sova

There are many times during the internship that you will most definitely feel overwhelmed with all of the information you will receive, homework/projects to complete, and endless patient charting. Always remember to breathe and take everything one day at a time. It gets better! Don't forget to remain flexible and open to every opportunity that comes your way. Enjoy yourself and the wonderful experience you get to have being a Beaumont Health dietetic intern! -Bailey Rice

Learn to be flexible. Every day is going to be different. It might start one way, then drastically change within a matter of minutes, and you have to be prepared to accommodate and excel at the challenges put in front of you. -Lauren Baker

A tip for students-stay organized from the start, and take the time to get to know your preceptors. -Chelsea Bono

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