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Corewell Health is the new name for Beaumont.

Patient safety

Surgeons and surgical teams learned how to perform surgery or administer anesthesia in the operating room, first observing, then practicing techniques on real patients. The operating room is no longer an ideal setting for teaching, because medicine has changed with

  • dramatic innovations in technology
  • increasingly potent pharmacologic agents
  • complex medical cases
  • advances in surgical techniques

We provides a way to move learning and skill development out of the operating room and into a carefully monitored environment. The center offers a unique blend of classroom learning, hands-on simulation training and distance learning. With the advanced medical simulation tools and technology of the Surgical Learning Center, medical professionals learn more quickly and surgeons fine-tune their skills, ultimately leading to

  • enhanced patient safety
  • strengthened surgical techniques
  • improved clinical outcomes

In Situ SimulationTM

The Institute uses In Situ SimulationTM to raise Beaumont's standards in total patient care. This program conducts team-based training throughout the hospital to establish statistically based performance markers in professional standards and risk management.

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