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OUWB Microsurgery Training Institute

OUWB Microsurgery Training Institute

In medicine, sometimes big problems need tiny solutions. As surgical frontiers have expanded, the need for microsurgical solutions for surgical problems has increased. Microsurgery is a surgery requiring the use of a microscope to perform delicate and intricate procedures throughout the body. Although microsurgery is used mostly in plastic surgery, microsurgical techniques are utilized by several specialties today, especially those involved in reconstructive surgery such as: general surgery, ophthalmology, orthopedic surgery, breast reconstructive surgery, gynecological surgery, otolaryngology, neurosurgery, oral and maxillofacial surgery, and pediatric surgery.

Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine has recognized the need for microsurgical expertise in a variety of fields. In response to this, the Oakland University William Beaumont Microsurgery Institute has opened. It is a state of the art facility that  incorporates the latest in video technique and live animal surgery. 

The OUWB Microsurgery Training Institute provides the opportunity for medical students, residents, physicians, physician assistants and attending physicians to learn, practice and refine their skills in microsurgery via hands-on individualized instruction.

The Basic Microsurgery course teaches fundamental skills and techniques required for microsurgical dissection, anastomosis and neurovascular repair. This is an intensive five day (40 hour) course utilizing anesthetized rats and held in a dedicated training laboratory on the campus of Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak.

The teaching approach is to demonstrate key techniques and then to foster students independent skill development, but with assistance and appraisal being available whenever needed. Teaching is supplemented with video lectures before each practical session. Each day has specific objectives, goals, and practical tasks.

Procedures taught

  • use of the surgical microscope
  • basic suturing techniques using a plastic model.
  • performing end-to-end arterial anastomoses utilizing femoral artery of the rat (1mm diameter): forehand suturing technique, backhand suturing technique, one-way-up suturing
  • performing end-to-end venous anastomoses utilizing femoral vein of the rat (1,3mm diameter)
  • interpositional vein graft
  • peripheral nerve repair (sciatic nerve)
  • end-to-side anastomosis: end of the femoral artery to the side of the femoral vein.
  • practical test: arterial and venous anastomoses within 2hrs Photos

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