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Residents in our program participate in a full year (12 months) devoted to research, either in Radiation Biology or Physics. Research activities encompass the cellular, molecular, in-vivo, and physics aspects of ionizing and non-ionizing radiation. In addition to Radiation Biology and/or Physics research projects, all residents participate in clinical research projects as well. The research year is during the third year of radiation oncology training (PGY-4). Research residents also serve as chief residents during this time. 

During the 12-month research year, residents can expect the following

  • development of a Radiation Biology or Radiation Physics project of their own
  • participation in any number of clinical research projects
  • participation in development of clinical protocols
  • preparation of grant applications when required
  • preparation of abstracts for presentation at national meetings
  • preparation of manuscripts for publication 
  • residents continue to participate in didactic and other teaching activities during this year
  • no daily patient care responsibilities; resident may participate in pediatrics or brachytherapy cases as appropriate
Outside of the dedicated research year, residents also participate in research during the remaining 36 months of clinical training. All residents are expected to engage in clinical research, and many participate in multiple projects throughout each year. The majority of our residents complete projects and submit abstracts to the ASTRO national meeting each year. Residents are also expected to write manuscripts for any abstracts submitted. 

The Radiation Oncology department at Beaumont houses multiple well-developed databases for a multitude of disease sites. These include breast, prostate, lung, CNS, Gamma Knife®, gastrointestinal, gynecological, and head & neck databases. Residents have the opportunity to utilize the existing databases, and may also contribute to the development of databases for other disease sites. Departmental funds and institutional support are also available, such as a computer maintained tumor registry and resources form the Beaumont Hospital Research Institute. Beaumont Hospital is involved in cooperative trials through the NCORP. We are also actively participating in the Multi-Institutional Lung SRS and Spine SRS Consortiums, the AANS/ASTRO and NAGKC Consortiums for Gamma Knife®, the Proton Cooperative Group, and the Michigan Radiation Oncology Quality Consortium. 

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