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Is there a minimum USMLE score that I must attain before Beaumont, Royal Oak will consider my application?

Candidates who have achieved a passing score on the first attempt on USMLE Step 1, Step 2 CK, and Step 2 CS are given priority in our selection process. We do not have a specific score requirement. We review all applications in their entirety.

How many letters of reference are required?

We require 3 letters of reference and a Dean’s letter.

Is there a specific graduation date cut-off?

Our department does not have a specific graduation date cut-off.

For international graduates, does Beaumont, Royal Oak sponsor the H-1B visa?

Beaumont accepts and sponsors H-1B visas for qualified applicants and also accepts J-1 visas sponsored by the ECFMG. Residents wishing sponsorship under the terms of an H-1B visa must meet all the requirements in sufficient time to have obtained the H-1B visa by the beginning of resident orientation begins (typically the beginning of the third week in June). This requires premium processing of the H-1B visa application. If premium processing for the H-1B visa is not available from the USCIS, the resident must obtain a J-1 visa.

Do you require a candidate to be ECFMG certified at the time of application?

International graduates must be certified by the ECFMG to participate in the NRMP.

Does Beaumont require any previous U.S. clinical experience?

We do not require prior U.S. clinical experience, for international applicants, but it is certainly viewed as a valued experience. Observerships are not considered meaningful U. S. clinical experience.

If I match at Beaumont, will I get into a fellowship in the subspecialty that I want?

Beaumont residents continue to be very successful in achieving their career goals. Most of our graduates pursuing fellowships have attained training in their subspecialty of choice.

Fellowship Opportunities at Beaumont, Royal Oak

Beaumont has many postgraduate opportunities after completion of residency training.
Beaumont sponsors fellowships in:

Does Beaumont, Royal Oak offer observerships?

We do not offer observerships.

Does Beaumont participate in a couples’ match?

Yes, we do. We recognize the value and importance of having a resident train in geographic proximity to his/her significant other.

Do you require both USMLE and COMLEX scores for osteopathic applicants?

We require either USMLE or COMLEX and score transcripts from our osteopathic applicants.

Residency Programs

Fellowship Programs

Fellowship Programs
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