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Meet our residents 

PGY - 3 Class of 2023

Mohammed Abdelhalim
Mohammed Abdelhalim - Chief
Kufa University College of Medicine
Saba Abdulsada
Saba Abdulsada
University  of Baghdad
College of Medicine
Mohammad Alkheder
Mohammad Alkheder
University of Damascus
Faculty of Medicine

Sana Ashrafuddin
Sana Ashrafuddin
Batterjee Medical College
for Sciences and Technology

Jamila Asif
Jamila Asif- Chief
Shifa College of Medicine

El sawalhy_Eman
Eman El Sawalhy - Chief
Zagazig University
Faculty of Medicine  

Avais Raja
Avais Raja - Chief
Shifa College of Medicine

Jad Said
Jad Said
University of Balamand Faculty
of Medicine and Medical

Muni Shaaeli
Muna Shaaeli
Babylon University
College of Medicine

PGY - 2 Class of 2024

Ahmed Abdelrahim, MD
Ahmed Abdelrahim
University of Medical Sciences
& Technology (USMST) Faculty
Aseel Al-Rawi, MD PRELIM
Aseel Al- Rawi 
University of Al- Mustansiriyah
Muhammad Anil, MD
Muhammad Anil
Services Institute of Medical Science

Antoine Egbe Tabot, MD

Antoine Egbe Tabot
Université de Yaoundé I Faculté 
de Médecine et des Sciences Biomédicales

Ahmad El-Gammal, MD

Ahmed El – Gammal
Alfaisal University 
College of Medicine

Nada Elmakshbr, MD

Nada Elmakshbr
University of Tripoli 
Wisam Mnkana, MD
Wisam Mnkana
University of Bagdad College of Medicine

Khansae Nowir, MD

Khansae Nowir
Dubai Medical College for Girls
Gerardo Ortiz Rivera, MD
Gerardo Ortiz Rivera
University of Medicine and
 Health Sciences, St. Kitts
Sumar Waqar, MD
Samar Waqar
Shifa College of Medicine
Nigar Rumane, MD PRELIM
Nigar Rumane
Mahatma Gandhi Mission's 
Medical College, Navi Mumbai

PGY - 1 Class of 2025

Nada Alsharif
University of Jordan
Faculty of Medicine
Khurram Arshad
F.M.H. College of Medicine
And Dentistry
El Ankouni_Mahdi
Mahdi El Ankouni
Lebanese University Faculty
Medical of Sciences


Amna Jafri
Shifa College of Medicine


Ahmed Subahi
University of Medical Sciences & Technology
(UMST) Faculty of Medicine


Mamoun Souleiman
University of Jordan
Faculty of Medicine
Lidya Osman
University of Gezira
Faculty of Medicine


Jamil Qarqash
Mu’tah University Faculty of Medicine
Hussein Gaith
Lebanese University Faculty
of Medical Sciences
Mozaffari_Mohammad Ali
Mohammad Ali Mozaffari
Shahid Beheshti University
of Medical Sciences
Hafsa Hassan - Preliminary
Punjab Medical College
Al Adhami_Saja
Saja Al adhami - Preliminary
University of Baghdad College
of Medicine
Mohamed A. Mohamed - Preliminary
University of Khartoum
Faculty of Medicine


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