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Eligibility criteria

Only the following applicants are considered eligible for interview

  • graduates from an LCME accredited medical school in the U.S. or Canada or graduates from an osteopathic school accredited by the AOA and with passing USMLE 1 & USMLE 2 scores > 230 with no failed attempts


  • graduates of a foreign medical school with a valid certificate from the ECFMG (by matriculation date) AND must be eligible to work in the United States AND USMLE 1 & USMLE 2 scores 230 with no failed attempts and completion date of most recent medical training less than or equal to 5 years from application year
  • if there remain interview spots after all applications, based on the above criteria, the minimum USMLE 1 and/or 2 score may be lowered for a preliminary spot only


Exceptions to these criteria may be considered if a current Beaumont Internal Medicine Residency Assistant Director, Associate Director or Program Director initiates sponsorship of candidate. Sponsorship requires that said Director and candidate have a sufficiently meaningful relationship so that the Director can supply a Sponsor’s letter of recommendation.

  • This letter must specifically and concretely
    • illustrate the candidate’s exceptional achievement (academic or otherwise) and exceptional knowledge, skills and/or behavior
    • explain the candidate’s failure to meet the usual eligibility criteria

The Program Director (or Associate Program Director, in the case of PD sponsorship) will review the sponsor’s letter of recommendation and offer (or not) an interview at his/her discretion.

Ranking protocol

Once granted an interview, candidates are assessed on several attributes

  • medical school training (LCME vs. foreign medical school)
  • USMLE scores
  • letters of recommendation
  • transcripts
  • research experience
  • community involvement & volunteer commitments
  • previous work experienc

Interview qualities

  • communication skills
  • attitude
  • outside interests
  • language fluency
  • motivation to join BHD IM
  • professional appearance
  • interviewer’s overall impression

A formula is employed (see appendix) that takes into account these aforementioned attributes and qualities and is used to assign candidates a composite score. This composite score may then be increased or decreased by 7.5% based on consensus input/discussion from faculty and staff at our ranking meetings. Gross changes to the composite score (beyond +/- 7.5%) and/or decisions NOT to rank interviewed candidates may be made on an individual basis when information not captured by our formula is relevant.  

  • very poor interview conduct/interactio
  • concerning pattern of failed attempts at USMLE exams or other certifying exams
  • concerning inconsistencies or concerning disruptions in previous employment or training
  • positive or negative input from references (supplied by candidate and solicited with their approval)

At the conclusion of the interviewing process, the Internal Medicine residency faculty and staff will rank candidates. This ranking is then submitted to the NRMP. 

Appendix: Composite score calculation

  • USMLE 1 Score +
  • USMLE 2 Score (or if no USMLE 2 score then 2x USMLE 1) +
  • composite interview day score (600 for favorite, 540 for second favorite, and 450 for third favorite) = ERAS Composite Score

When ERAS composite score is adjusted: 

  • if LCME graduate, then the ERAS composite score is increased by 100 points (approximately 15%)
  • if a current fellow in our geriatrics fellowship, and being interviewed under the sponsorship exception, then the ERAS composite           score is increased by 100 points
  • based on faculty and staff consensus input/discussion, the ERAS Composite score may be adjusted up or down by up to 7.5%
  • the ERAS composite score may be grossly adjusted for extenuating reasons (examples stated previously)

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