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Internal Medicine & Pediatrics (Combined) Residency, Royal Oak


We continuously assess our curriculum to provide a high quality educational experience that will meet the needs of our residents now and in the future. Our curriculum is designed to provide an optimal mix of ambulatory and inpatient, generalist and specialty rotations. Opportunities for change are based on the needs of our residents, the rapidly evolving healthcare system, and the changing requirements of the Residency Review Committees and Boards.

Med/Peds physicians are unique because they are eligible for full board certification on par with both internists and pediatricians. To best prepare our graduates for dual certification, our residents are expected to fully immerse themselves in both specialties.  When a resident is on a pediatrics service, they attend all of the pediatric department's didactic programs, and when they are on an internal medicine assignment, they attend the Internal Medicine educational programs. Med/Peds residents have a bi-monthly Med/Peds noon gathering. This conference focuses on unique Med/Peds topics, fellowship and board preparation.

Schedule integration

One unique aspect of our program is that, as an intern, the service switch is on a 1-1-2-2-3-3 (month) changeover. For example:

  • July - pediatrics
  • August - internal medicine
  • September and October - pediatrics
  • November and December - internal medicine
  • January, February, March - pediatrics
  • April, May, June - internal medicine

The frequent switches in the first six months allow the new resident to become familiar with both medicine and pediatrics early in their residency. The switches also allow the resident to become well-known to their Internal Medicine and their Pediatric peers early on, which makes one readily feel a part of both programs. 

After the first six months of intern year, switches between services occur every three months for the remainder of residency.

Rotation schedule 

Year 1 Year 2Year 3 Year 4
3 floor months2 floor months1 floor month2 floors 
1 emergency ctr.1 MICU month1 MICU month1 discharge transition
1 geriatrics/clinic1 acute care clinic1 CCU1 med/peds office
1 clinic/ Royal Oak block1 cardiology1 acute care clinic2 sub specialty
 1 sub specialty1 sub specialty 
  1 research/clinic 
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4
2 floor months2 floor months1 floor month2 floor months
1 newborn1 NICU month1 NICU month1 acute care clinic
1 developmental pediatrics1 PICU1 emergency ctr.1 emergency ctr
1 acute care clinic1 sub specialty1 adolescent1 sub specialty
1 sub specialty1 community health/child abuse1 sub specialty1 individualized curriculum
  1 individualized curriculum 


Continuity clinics

Medicine/Pediatric residents have ongoing combined Med/Peds continuity clinics throughout all four years. For each clinic day, residents see a mix of both adult and pediatric patients. A combined clinic is the ideal educational setting, offering residents the opportunity to treat whole families and see children and adults in the same place on the same day. A team of attending physicians, including internal medicine, pediatrics and medicine/pediatric physicians, work with residents as teacher/supervisors and mentors. Our Med/Peds continuity clinics are designed to provide a excellent environment for learning the science of internal medicine and pediatrics as well as the skills needed to provide care that is evidence based, patient-centered and cost effective.

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