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Emergency Medicine Residency, Trenton & Dearborn


At Beaumont Dearborn/Trenton Emergency Medicine, we are very proud of our alumni who have gone on to work in various ERs or gone on to fellowships throughout the entire US. We understand that there are numerous classes prior to the Class of 2011 that are unlisted, but have had an integral role in making our program what it is today.


Class of 2020

Jaber Abdo
Jaber Abdo
Michigan State University
Richard Champigny
Richard Champigny
Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine
Spencer Franchi
Spencer Franchi
Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine

Cody Johnson

Cody Johnson
Michigan State University

Jeremiah Weekes

Jeremiah Weekes
Michigan State University

Jeremy Zarski

Jeremy Zarski
Michigan State University

Bradley UrquhartBradley Urquhart
Michigan State University

Class of 2019

  • Ryan Austin
  • AJ Burandt
  • Esther Hwang
  • Ubong "Chris" Ubokudom

Class of 2018

  • Hassan Akel
  • Ryan Buryta
  • Joseph Hoback
  • Madiha Khurshid

Class of 2017

  • Nate Kaufman
  • Alec Lesko
  • Jennifer Porubsky
  • Seth Thibodeau

Class of 2016

  • Doug Kelley
  • John Klavanian
  • Gregg Malicke

Class of 2015

  • John Goodman
  • Annabelle Hendrix
  • Daniel Inglish
  • Joseph Klosterman
  • Arpan Kothari
  • Jennifer (Garner) Malicke

Class of 2014

  • Joseph "Ross" Avila
  • Jonathan Leischner
  • Joe Schramski
  • Martha Sieber

Class of 2013

  • Rob Baumstark
  • Christopher Durant
  • Richard "Garrett" Hanzel
  • Ryan Scholtz
  • Mark Shank

Class of 2012

  • Najam Fasiuddin
  • Anna Fleytman-Pope

Class of 2011

  • Scott Bennion
  • Charles Carino
  • Huy Chiu
  • Esli Gollapalli
  • Justin Grill
  • J Johnson
  • Darin Mann
  • Roya Zolnoor

Class of 2010

  • Michael Blake
  • Kendall Thurman

Class of 2009

  • Aaron Alper
  • Branden Christodoulos
  • Lori Failes

Class of 2008

  • Christopher Quinn
  • Justine Tripp
  • Ellen Wesley

Class of 2007

  • Ryan Seaman

Class of 2006

  • Scott Fuller
  • Deven Kumar


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Fellowship Programs
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