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Dermatology Residency, Trenton


Clinical training

  • allergy and immunology
  • industrial medicine
  • oncology
  • environmental diseases
  • sexually transmitted diseases
  • tropical diseases
  • physical modalities
  • general dermatologic surgery
  • Mohs surgery

All years of formal training will include structured study of the basic sciences related to dermatology. This includes anatomy and physiology of the skin, histology, immunology, mycology, oncology, parasitology, pathology, virology and photobiology. 

Upon completion of the residency program, residents will be proficient in

  • general dermatology
  • dermatopathology
  • microbiology 
  • immunodermatology
  • photobiology
  • pharmacotherapy

Residents will achieve competency in

  • dermatologic surgery
  • laser treatments
  • light therapy
  • cryotherapy

Academic programs

Residents participate in the following conferences and seminars:

  • the AOA/AOCD Annual Convention
  • the American Academy of Dermatology Annual Meeting
  • Michigan Osteopathic Dermatology Society Meetings


  • monthly Journal Clubs
  • weekly Andrews/Bolognia/Weedon/Spitz reviews
  • weekly reviews of pathology slides with clinical and pathologic correlation at Hilbrich Dermatopathology Labs
  • weekly lectures given by attending staff
  • informal presentations given daily by attending staff while on service

Residency Programs

Fellowship Programs

Fellowship Programs
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