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Vascular Surgery Fellowship, Royal Oak

The goal of the Vascular Surgery Fellowship is to train surgeons that are capable of treating all aspects of vascular disease. The trainees are involved in the general care of vascular patients as well as the perioperative care of the most complex operative procedures, and they develop a high level of skill in both endovascular and open vascular surgery techniques.

In addition, multiple opportunities exist to become involved in research projects and the presentation of results at national venues. Beaumont offers extensive exposure to both open and endovascular treatment of diseases of the thoracic aorta as well as abdominal aorta and visceral vessels.


Mission Statement

Train competent and capable clinical vascular surgeons. We also encourage our fellows to pursue academic activities.


  • To prepare physicians for the practice of vascular surgery by teaching the skills, knowledge and humanistic qualities that constitute the foundations of vascular surgery practice
  • To responsibly diagnose, treat, manage and provide education to patients related to problems of high prevalence in the communities we serve
  • To provide progressive responsibility for and experience to enable effective management of clinical problems in a busy vascular surgery setting
  • To prepare graduates who are capable of autonomously practicing vascular surgery, providing patient- and family-centered care
  • To promote lifelong learning of new skills and knowledge by teaching how to assess and interpret medical evidence in the literature, and apply it to a single patient or population during their careers
  • To develop physicians to monitor their own physical and mental well-being

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Fellowship Programs
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