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Musculoskeletal Radiology Fellowship, Royal Oak

Goals and Objectives

The musculoskeletal radiology fellowship at Beaumont provides comprehensive training in imaging and evaluation of musculoskeletal diseases, utilizing a curriculum that adheres to ACGME competencies. The fellowship year is divided into quarters with goals and objectives specific for each quarter, ensuring graded responsibility throughout the year and with increased expectations throughout the year. ACGME milestone evaluations are performed quarterly.  Additional outcome measures are under development to ensure that adequate progress is being made throughout the year. At the end of fellowship training, the expectation is that the MSK fellow will:

  1. Become highly proficient at protocoling and interpreting MRI and CT examinations of joints, bones and musculoskeletal structures.
  2. Become highly proficient at performing and interpreting musculoskeletal ultrasound examinations.
  3. Gain special expertise performing imaging guided musculoskeletal procedures, including arthrograms, bone and soft tissue biopsies, joint injections. Spine interventional experience is elective.
  4. Become highly proficient interpreting MSK radiographs.
  5. Gain experience and familiarity with quality assurance processes and monitoring in musculoskeletal radiology.
  6. Develop teaching skills in educating residents and medical students and conference presentation skills.
  7. Gain experience with clinical MSK research and will have submitted at least one research abstract to a national meeting.

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Fellowship Programs
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