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The mission of the Chemical Pathology Fellowship Program is to train pathologists to effectively manage a large or small chemistry laboratory, to provide clinicians with accurate and timely laboratory results, and to advise clinicians on test ordering and interpretation. Our graduates will serve diverse patient populations in urban and suburban hospitals by providing excellent clinical laboratory services encompassing all facets of the lab, from point of care and stat lab, to core lab and complex specialized testing.

The aim of the Chemical Pathology Fellowship is to:

  • Equip graduates to oversee a large clinical chemistry laboratory via progressive responsibility and experience 
  • Promote lifelong learning with critical examination of new information as it relates to professional practice of clinical chemistry
  • Instill a strong foundation in laboratory instrumentation and automation, laboratory management and quality assurance, as well as regulatory requirements governing laboratory medicine
  • Develop pathologists to serve as consultants in selection and interpretation of test results, and guide appropriate test utilization at a health system level
  • Prepare graduates to autonomously analyze complex clinical chemistry cases, including protein electrophoresis and immunofixation and hemoglobinopathy analysis
  • Provide fellows with opportunity to participate in research and resident education

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Fellowship Programs
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