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Orthopaedic Surgery - Shoulder & Elbow Fellowship, Royal Oak

Scope of Service

The program includes a broad exposure to the full spectrum of shoulder and elbow surgery for athletic, traumatic, and degenerative conditions.  The fellow will participate in a high volume of shoulder arthroplasty and advanced shoulder arthroscopy.  Approximately 15% to 20% of the cases are revision surgeries.  

Included among conditions treated by the faculty are


  • Rotator cuff disease - Open and arthroscopic techniques including soft tissue implant grafts and the use of biologics
  • Instability - Open and arthroscopic techniques including the Latarjet procedure
  • Arthritis - Prosthetic and non-prosthetic techniques including anatomic total shoulder arthroplasty, reverse total shoulder arthroplasty, resurfacing arthroplasty, and partial surface replacement
  • Throwing injuries of the shoulder - Arthroscopic techniques including capsulolabral reconstruction and SLAP repair
  • Revision arthroplasty - Advanced techniques including extended humeral osteotomy, impaction bone grafting, custom implants contracture release, management of humeral and glenoid bone loss, and the treatment of the infected shoulder arthroplasty
  • Trauma - Locked plating, heavy suture fixation, percutaneous pinning, and prosthetic arthroplasty for fractures of the proximal humerus; plating and intramedullary nailing of clavicle fractures; ORIF of complex scapula fractures
  • Tendon transfers - Eden-Lange procedure for trapezius paralysis, modified Marmor-Bechtol procedure for serratus anterior paralysis, and latissimus dorsi and subcoracoid pectoralis major transfer for severe rotator cuff deficiency


  • Throwing injuries of the elbow - Open and arthroscopic techniques including ulnar collateral ligament reconstruction, management of valgus extension overload syndrome, and osteochondritis of the capitellum
  • Arthritis - Prosthetic and non-prosthetic techniques including total elbow arthroplasty, arthroscopic osteocapsular arthroplasty, and revision arthroplasty
  • Instability - Lateral ulnar collateral ligament repair and reconstruction, medial collateral ligament reconstruction, and the management of soft tissue and bone deficiency
  • Contracture - Open and arthroscopic contracture release techniques
  • Trauma - Plating and total elbow arthroplasty for fractures of the distal humerus; ORIF, plating, and prosthetic arthroplasty for radial head fractures; ORIF and ligamentous repair or reconstruction for elbow fracture-dislocations and terrible triad injuries

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