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Orthopaedic Surgery - Shoulder & Elbow Fellowship, Royal Oak


Research is an integral component of the Adult Reconstruction - Shoulder and Elbow Fellowship. A wide variety of research opportunities are available which are supported by a multi-million-dollar budget. Both a clinical and a basic science project will be required.

Fellows are responsible for

  • developing the research protocol and methods
  • ensuring statistical validity of the anticipated sample size
  • collecting the data
  • formulating valid conclusions

The fellow will be given ample time for project completion. It is expected that these projects will be presented at national meetings and published in appropriate peer-reviewed journals.

The Harold W. Gehring Biomechanical Research Center, located on-campus in the Research Institute, serves as our basic science laboratory. The Implant Retrieval Analysis Laboratory contains a large library of catalogued retrieved shoulder prostheses available for wear and mode of failure analysis.  Full-service animal surgical facilities are available. In addition, the fellow will have access to a 12-station MTS total joint wear simulator that has been modified to test shoulder prostheses.

Research areas of focus

  • polyethylene wear simulation of shoulder prostheses
  • retrieved shoulder implant analyses
  • biomechanical testing of glenoid component fixation
  • clinical outcomes of TSA and RTSA procedures
  • augmentation of soft tissue to bone healing
  • optimizing rehabilitation in shoulder surgery based on biomechanical evidence
  • analysis of in-vivo glenohumeral relationships during sports activities using advanced motion analysis techniques
  • elbow ligament reconstruction techniques

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Fellowship Programs
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