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Maternal-Fetal Medicine Fellowship, Royal Oak


The curriculum is based on the Guide to learning in Maternal Fetal Medicine and ABOG program requirements for fellowship graduate medical education.

Curriculum blocks

  • 12 months of protected research
  • 10 months of clinical rotation (ultrasound, reproductive genetics, L&D/antepartum)
  • 3.5 months ultrasound
  • 2 months in a supervisory position of a labor and delivery unit
  • 2 months genetics
  • 2 months electives
  • 1 month in an ICU
  • 1 month endocrinology
  • 1 month at Troy site – inpatient and ambulatory/private practice MFM
  • 2 weeks of infectious disease
  • 2 weeks of ambulatory internal medicine
  • 2 weeks of diabetes camp

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The clinical rotations are supervised by the MFM and fetal imaging faculty. This rotation is combination of the clinical MFM services – fellows spend time on labor and delivery in a supervisory/safety role, perform inpatient MFM consultations, work in fetal imaging, and perform reproductive genetics consultations. Fellows hone their skills in management of complicated patients, consultative technique and ultrasound performance and interpretation.

The research rotations are supervised by the research faculty and the MFM research director. The fellows will spend the bulk of the time on clinical, translational and ultrasound research including metabolomics, epigenomics and proteomics. Fellows submit abstracts for regional and national conferences and are encouraged to complete 1-2 additional clinical or ultrasound projects in addition to their thesis.

The fellows are assigned to 2 months of labor and delivery in which they support the resident team in a supervisory role and are involved in the care of all admitted patients.

The fellows rotate for one month on the surgical critical care rotation under the supervision of the surgery intensivist team.

Other experiences

  • China procedural elective
  • diabetes camp
  • support for SMFM conferences (1st year fellows meeting, ultrasound course, research review)

Didactics conferences

  • 5 hours of protected time every Wednesday morning includes faculty lectures, textbook chapter reviews, journal club, SMFM and AIUM lecture series, and ultrasound case reviews
  • departmental grand rounds weekly
  • neonatology and Maternal-Fetal Medicine conference weekly
  • reproductive genetics conference weekly
  • fetal imaging case conference monthly with MFM faculty and sonographers

Continuity clinic

  • Wednesday afternoons
  • fellow-directed consultative clinic for resident-clinic patients
  • dedicated RN, dietitian, and pharmacist support

Labor and delivery night / weekend call

  • 2 overnight or weekend calls required monthly with no clinical responsibility post-call
  • fellows have option to elect taking 4 shifts as moonlighting instead
    • work as general Ob/Gyn faculty on labor and delivery supervising unit
    • paid shifts

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Fellowship Programs
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