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A portion of the education includes training in special care units supervised by attending physicians. During the training period, the resident gains experience in the care of emergency ambulatory and non-ambulatory patients as well as the traditional urgent, but non-emergent patient. Training incorporates the application of osteopathic diagnostic and therapeutic measures as they relate to the total care of the patient with emphasis on the management of patients requiring emergency medical care.

  • appropriate logs are maintained by each resident and evaluated by the program director (see section on logs)
  • opportunity is provided to the resident to evaluate the results of treatment of patients
  • elective times are provided
  • opportunity for research in emergency medicine is provided
  • training in emergency medical services

Annual report

The resident submits an annual report signed by the Program Director to the American College of Osteopathic Emergency Medicine within 30 days after completing the training year.

The following copied information accompanies this report:

  • annual paper
  • log of major procedures
  • schedule of attended or presented lectures (the department will provide schedule of program lectures)

Research Project 

Each resident must complete one research project suitable for publication during their residency.  The resident will be working with a core faculty member as well as the core faculty research coordinator to produce a research project with an emphasis on publication.

Evaluation of performance

The resident is evaluated quarterly by the Program Director and core faculty. At that time the various rotation evaluations of the resident are reviewed with the resident. Along with program requirements such as logs, annual paper, time sheets and service evaluations. The Program Director then submits to the ACOEP an annual report reviewing the resident's progress.

Rotation logs

The resident maintains a monthly log of his or her activity. Rotation includes: 

  • a list of readings
  • cases seen (of special interest)
  • special procedures performed
  • lectures attended for that month's rotation

These logs are submitted to the Residency Program Director by the second Wednesday following the end of the rotation. Logs are required by the AOA, ACOEP, Beaumont, Farmington Hills and the department of Emergency Medicine. This simplifies maintaining an orderly list of procedures provided after the residency to credentialing committees. It is not necessary for the resident keep a log of common emergency department procedures (flourescein staining of cornea, repair of simple laceration).

Quality assurance

Quality assurance is an important aspect of medical care. Time is provided for the resident to participate in QA activities. This involves participation with the Emergency Department Quality Assurance Director monitoring activities within the department and with the base hospital physician monitoring pre-hospital and "on-line" medical direction of EMS personnel.

Department meeting

The Department of Emergency Medicine holds monthly meeting on issues pertaining to the operation of the department. Emergency medicine residents are requested to attend these meetings. Notice is sent on the meetings schedule.

House staff instruction

The resident takes an active role in training interns and externs at Beaumont, Farmington Hills.


The resident attends at least one seminar or conference per year relating to emergency medicine. Beaumont, Farmington Hills provides $2,000 per year to be used for this purpose during OGME years 2-4. This seminar is approved by the Program Director. The resident is encouraged to attend the ACOEP (American College of Osteopathic Emergency Medicine Physicians) conferences.


Elective rotations are selected by the resident. An exception to this occurs in the event that the Residency Program Director feels that the resident may have a weakness that requires a particular rotation.

It is recommended that the request be made well in advance to assure that the request is approved. It is the resident's responsibility to arrange the elective rotations, although the Residency Program Director may be of assistance in this manner.

Rotation schedule

EM (4 of which is Orientation in July)32 weeks
Critical Care/ICU4 weeks
Peds (Royal Oak)4 weeks
EM Ultrasound/EMS4 weeks
Anesthesia2 weeks
Ortho Consults2 weeks
IM2 weeks
OB/Gyn2 weeks
Vacation/conference (taken during scheduled EM blocks)4 weeks
EM30 weeks
Pediatric EM4 weeks
Critical Care/ ICU – Farmington Hills4 weeks
Critical Care/ ICU – HFH4 weeks
Trauma – Baltimore Shock Trauma4 weeks
Research2 weeks
Vacation/conference4 weeks
EM34 weeks
Toxicology - DMC4 weeks
PICU - Beaumont Royal Oak4 weeks
Electives6 weeks
Vacation/conference4 weeks

Residency Programs

Fellowship Programs

Fellowship Programs
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