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Message from the program director

Congratulations on choosing to pursue a fellowship in the wonderful world of pediatric hospital medicine! As you think about what is important to you in a fellowship, we would like to highlight a few reasons our program at Corewell Health Childrens’ might be just what you are looking for:

Our daily commitment to fellowship educational and programmatic excellence

The division has a long history of providing exemplary and award-winning inpatient education to medical learners at all levels. The section is well-staffed and committed to fostering the education and growth of future PHM colleagues, while preserving and enhancing the educational commitment to residents and medical students. Our strengths include clinical expertise, family-centered care, the commitment to high value practice and education of the same, excellence in education, the development of rich and meaningful scholarly pursuits, and demonstrating a commitment to wellness and professionalism. The PHM division has participated every year in various American Academy of Pediatrics Value in Inpatient Pediatrics Pediatric Acute Critical Care Quality and Better Outcomes through Research for Newborns (BORN) network, Quality Improvement (QI) projects with meaningful improvement in patient care and trainee education.

The strong QI and patient safety initiatives that drive patient care

Corewell Health Children’s vision is to be the one of the top hospital systems for pediatric care in the nation. This drive for excellence has created a significant culture around quality/process improvement and patient safety.  We want fellows to be integrated into this culture to continue making meaningful impact within our hospital system and community while also being recognized on both the state and national level. These projects include improvement around interpretation services, addiction medicine and neurosurgical co-management. We offer easy access to QI and patient safety education along with mentorship for QI projects!

Our incredible institutional and programmatic work to reduce power gradients and nurture the culture of collegial teamwork with colleagues who feel more like family members and best friends. 




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