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Hematopathology Fellowship, Royal Oak


Participation in clinical or basic science research is a requirement of the fellowship. A wide variety of hematopathology research opportunities are available particularly in the areas of molecular diagnostics, flow cytometry and cytogenetics. All fellows are required to submit an abstract to the annual Resident and Fellow Research Forum competition hosted by Beaumont's Research Institute. Presentation of research at regional and national conferences is recommended. Elective time for research is an integral part of the program.

Research  Accomplishments 2016

Peer reviewed articles

David JA, Huang JZ. Diagnostic  utility of flow cytometry  analysis  of reactive T cells  in nodular lymphocyte-predominant    Hodgkin  lymphoma.  Am J Clin Pathol. 2016 Jan;145(1):107-15.   26712878

Edupuganti  S,  Xie C,  Huang JZ, Chen X,  Wey E,  Xie M.  Clinicopathological   features  of primary  bone marrow  mature T and NK cell neoplasms.  J J Cancer  Sci Res.  2016;  2(7):046.

Gjeorgjievski  M,  Makki  I,    Khanal  P,  Amin  MB, Blenc AM, Desai T,  Cappell  MS. Early,  isolated duodenal  mucosa-associated   lymphoid  tissue  lymphoma  presenting  without  symptoms  or grossly apparent  endoscopic  lesions and diagnosed  by random duodenal  biopsies.  Case Rep Gastroenterol.
2016 Jun 27;10(2):323-31.        6/2016 27482191.

*HaberichterK, Crisan D, Micale MA. ALK-negative   anaplastic  large T-cell lymphoma  with a complex  karyotype  and DUSP22  gene rearrangement.   CAP Today  2016;30(9),   49-54.

Huang JZ,  Braziel  RM,   Fan G,  Staudt  LM and Chan WC. The Diagnostic  Significance  of lmmunoglobulin   Light Chain  Gene Expression  Signatures  by Gene  Expression  Profiling for 8-Cell Lymphoma2016.   Remedy  Open Access  -  Pathology  2016 26 Jul,  2016,1 :Article 1010

Leeborg  N, Loriaux  Mand  Huang JZ. Aggressive  T-cell  Large Granular  Lymphocytic  Leukemia
Presenting  as an EBV Negative  Post-Transplant   Lymphoproliferative   Disorder.  Clinics  in Oncology.
   'W 16 May 30, 1 :Article   1007

Micale MA, Embrey  B IV,  Macknis  JK, Harper  ED, Aughton  DJ.  Constitutional   560.49  kb
chromosome  2p24.3  duplication  including  the MYCN gene  identified  by SNP chromosome   Microarray analysis  in a child  with multiple  congenital  anomalies  and bilateral  Wilm's  tumor.  Eur J  Med Genet.
2016 Oct 26;59(12):618-23.         Pii: S1769-7212(16)30119-7.

Ogunleye  F,  Ibrahim  M,  Allen  E,  Brennan  N,  Huang J,   Yu J, Huben Mand  Jaiyesimi  I.  BCR-ABL Testing  by Polymerase  Chain  Reaction  in Patients With  Neutrophilia:  The William  Beaumont  Hospital Experience  and the Case for Rational  Laboratory  Test Requests.   Journal  of Oncology  Practice  12,
no.  12 (December  2016) e1001-e1005.

Tagami  T, Alhalabi  0,  *Ward N;  Huang J, Paraneoplastic   Dermatosis  in a Patient with Anaplastic
Large Cell Lymphoma:Case   Report and Literature  Review.  Dermatopathology,   2016;3:39-43.

Yu Z,  Ogunleye  F,  Blankenship  LM,  Ward  N,  Ezekwudo  DE, Stender  M, Gaikazian  SS, Huang JZ and Jaiyesimi  I:   Plasma  Cell Leukemia  Presenting  with SpontaneousTumor   Lysis Syndrome:   Report of a Rare Case and Literature  Review.   Ann of Hematol  &  Oneal 2016  3(12), id 1125

Book chapter or full book publications

Cunningham   MT and Smith MD.  "Prolonged  Prothrombin  Time."  An algorithmic  approach  to
  iernostasis  testing.  2nd ed. Kandice  Kottke-Marchant.   Illinois:   College  of American  Pathologists,
2016.  173-194. 

Huang JZ,  Chen N,  and Press R.  Molecular  Methodologies  and Molecular  Pathology  of
Hematolymphoid   Neoplasms.    In: Cheng,  L, Bostwick,   DG,  eds,  Essentials  of Anatomic  Pathology.
4nd ed. Springer,  2016.

Kottke-Marchant   Kand  Smith  MD.  "The value of consultation  in hemostasis  testing."   An algorithmic approach  to hemostasis  testing.   2nd ed. Kandice  Kottke-Marchant.   Illinois: College  of American Pathologists,   2016.  357-372.

Smith  MD and Chandler  WL. "Fibrinolysis  System  Physiology."  An algorithmic  approach  to hemostasis  testing.  2nd ed.  Kandice  Kottke-Marchant.   Illinois: College  of American  Pathologists,
2016.  33-42.

Smith  MD and Moser KA.  "Heparin  induced  thrombocytopenia."   An algorithmic  approach  to hemostasis  testing.   2nd ed.  Kandice  Kottke-Marchant.   Illinois:  College  of American  Pathologists,
2016.  317-326.

Abstracts with associated research  presentations

Edupuganti  S,  Xie C; Huang JZ, Chen X,  Wey E. Xie M. Clinicopathological   features  of primary  bone marrow  mature T and NK cell neoplasms.   College of American  Pathologists  (CAP) Annual  Meeting, Las Vegas,  NV,  September  25-28, 2016.

i::eng J, Zhang  PL,  Hysell CK,  Qu ZH,  Micale MA. Definitive  cytogenetic  confirmation   of a Jesmoplastic  small round cell tumor  (DSRCT)  in a initially  unclassifiable   malignant  epithelioid neoplasm  of small bowel of a 20 year old man: A case report. American  Society  of Clinical  Pathology (ASCP) Annual  Meeting,  Las Vegas,   NV, September  14-16, 2016.    (poster).

*Gabbard A, **Singh R, *Toushan M, Boyanton  B,  Smith  MD,  Huang  J. Biclonal  splenic  marginal zone lymphoma,  T-cell  rich variant.  College  of American  Pathologists  (CAP) Annual  Meeting,   Las Vegas,   NV, September  25-28,  2016.

*Haberichter K, Huang S,   Huang J.   Flow cytometry  analysis  of recurrent  or persistent lymphadenopathy   in patients with nodular  lymphocyte  predominant   Hodgkin  lymphoma.   Presented  as a poster at 31st International  Clinical  Cytometry  Meeting,  Bonita  Springs,   FL, 2016

Huang J. A New Active  Learning Activity  in Pathology  Rotation  of Diagnostic  Medicine  Clerkship: Complete  a Death Certificate  and Present at Diagnostic  Morbidity  and Mortality  Conference, Presented  as a poster at Association  of Pathology  Chairs Annual  Meeting, San Diego,  CA,  July 12-
15,  2016

**Singh  R, Chen C, Huang J, Smith  MD. Plasma cell myeloma:   Impact of bone marrow erythropoiesis   on prognostic  markers.  College  of American  Pathologists  (CAP) Annual  Meeting,  Las Vegas,   NV, September  25-28,  2016.

**Singh RI, *Gabbard A, Micale  M, Huang J, Smith  MD. Concurrent  bone marrow  involvement  by
    Jlasma  cell myeloma  and mantle  cell lymphoma:  A rare finding.   College  of American  Pathologists
(CAP) Annual  Meeting,  Las Vegas,   NV,  September  25-28,  2016.

Thompson  BJ, Barremkala  M,  Raoof A, Attardi  S,  Blenc A, Hajj-Hussein  I,  Forbes W, Gould  D, 
Venuti  J.   Use of an Anatomy  eBook To Document  and Discuss Anatomical  Variation.   American
Association  of Anatomists  Annual   Meeting,  Experimental  Biology,  San Diego CA 2016.

“Toushan   M, Zhang  PL,  Hysell CK,  Kannan  HD, Micale  MA. Effective  cytogenetic  diagnosis  of synovial  sarcoma  on touch  preparation  slides proves to be time/cost-effective.   American  Society  of Clinical  Pathology  (ASCP) Annual  Meeting,   Las Vegas,   NV,  September  14-16, 2016.   case report (poster).

Posters and Published Abstracts

Micale  MA, Embrey  B,  Hubbell  K,  Beaudry-Rodgers   K, Whitten  A.  Prenatal  identification  of two discontinuous  maternally-inhertited    chromosome  7q36.3  microduplications totaling 507kb  including the SHH gene in a fetus with multiple  congenital  anomalies.   American  College  of Medical  Genetics and Genomics  Annual  Meeting,  Tampa,   FL, March 8-12, 2016.

Ogunleye  F, lbhahim  M, Blackenship  L,  Yadav S, Micale  MA, Dougles  V, lfabiyi T,  Anderson  J, Stender  M,  Huben M,  Quiroz  E,  Gaikazian  S, Jaiyesimi  I.   Analysis  of genomic  aberrations  and its impact on survival  in patients with chronic  lymphocytic  leukemia  (CLL) at Beaumont  Hospital  Cancer Center.  American  Society  of Hematology  (ASH) Meeting  on Hematologic  Malignancies,   Chicago,  IL September  16-17, 2016.

Zhang  PL, Hysell CK, Kanaan  HD, Micale  MA.  The effective  use of molecular  cytogenetic  (FISH) analysis  on touch  preparation  slides  permits a timely diagnosis  of synovial  sarcoma:  Lessons  learned.
American  Society  of Clinical  Pathology  (ASCP) Annual  Meeting,   Las Vegas,   NV,  September  14-16,

Zhang  PL, Hysell CK,  Qu ZH, Micale  MA. Definitive  cytogenetic  confirmation   of a desmoplastic   small round blue cell tumor  (DSRCT)  in the small bowel of 20-year-old  man. American  Society  of Clinical Pathology  (ASCP) Annual  Meeting,   Las Vegas,  NV,  September   14-16, 2016.    Case report.

Research accomplishments 2015

Peer reviewed articles
  • Bostic G, Thompson R, Atanasoski S, Canlas C, Ye H, Kolins M, Smith MD. Quality improvement in the coagulation laboratory: reducing the number of insufficient blood draw specimens for coagulation testing. Lab Med 2015; 46:347-355. HIC# 2014-277.
  • *Cotrell A, **Sayedian F, Huang M, Chen X, Xie M,Smith MD, Huang JZ. Flow cytometric analysis of cell size in B-cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma: reliability and potential diagnostic significance. Int J Pathol Clin Res 2015; 1:1-6. HIC# 09-096.
  • David JA , Huang JZ. Diagnostic Utility of Flow Cytometry Analysis of Reactive T-cells in Nodular Lymphocyte-Predominant Hodgkin Lymphoma, Am J Clin Pathol 2016;145:107-115. HIC# 2013-175
  • **Kumar T, Fennell T, Zhang PL. Eighteen-months may be a reliable storage period for direct immunofluorescent slides of renal biopsies at room temperature. J Clin Nephrol Ren Care. 2015, 1:1-5. HIC: 2012-109
  • Smythe MA, Forsyth LL, Warkentin TE, Smith MD, Sheppard JI, Shannon F. Progressive, fatal thrombosis associated with heparin-induced thrombocytopenia following cardiac surgery despite “therapeutic” anticoagulation with argatroban: potential role for PTT and ACT confounding. J Cardiothoracic and Vasc Anes 2015; 29(5):1319-21. (Based on case report; no HIC review required)


  • **Cosner, D, Uzieblo A, Nelson ML, Blenc AM, Fennell T. Blastic Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cell Neoplasm. American Society of Dermatopathology, San Francisco, CA, October 8-11, 2015 (poster presentation).
  • **Haberichter K, Crisan D. Green neutrophilic inclusions and acute hepatic failure. Arch. Pathol. Lab. Med. 139; pubished on line, 2015. Poster at CAP Annual Meeting, Nashville, TN, October 4-7, 2015.
  • Hajj Hussein I, Barremkala M, Thompson B, Gould D, Hankin M, Forbes W, Blenc AM, Amin M, Venuti J. Integrating Histology, Gross Anatomy and Histopathology in a Case Based Approach to Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Experimental Biology, Boston, MA, March 28 – April 1, 2015 (oral presentation).
  • Huang JZ, Young MR, Misra L, VanHulle R. Putting the Pieces Together: A Curriculum Designed to Integrate the Imaging and Laboratory Findings of a Symptomatic Patient.  Poster presentation at AAMC CGSA/CGEA Joint Regional Meeting, Columbus, OH, April 9-12, 2015. HIC# NA.
  • Huang JZ.  Assessment of 4th Year Medical Student’s Competency in Diagnostic Workup for Anemia and Lymphadenopathy Prior to Diagnostic Medicine Clerkship. Poster presentation in OUWB 4th Annual William Davidson Medical Education Week, Birmingham MI, May 18-20, 2015. HIC# NA.
  • Huang JZ.  Mandatory Pathology Rotation within Diagnostic Medicine Clerkship for All Medical Students: Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine’s Experience, Oral Presentation at Association of Pathology Chairs 2015 Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA, July 14-17, 2015. HIC# NA
  • **Kumar T, Fennell T, Zhang PL. Eighteen-months may be a reliable storage period for direct immunofluorescent slides of renal biopsies at room temperature. ASCP Pathologist Meeting (poster), Oct 28 - Oct 30, 2015, Long Beach, CA HIC 2012-109.
  • Ogunleye F, Huang JZ, Mohammed I, Allen E, Brennan N, Jaiyesimi I. TX, Diagnostic Significance of Screening for BCR-ABL1 by PCR in Patients with Neutrophilia. The William Beaumont Hospital experience. Poster presentation at Society of Hematologic Oncology 2015 Annual Meeting, Houston, September 16-19, 2015. Proceedings of the Society of Hematologic Oncology 2015 Annual Meeting. Clinical Lymphoma Myeloma and Leukemia.2015; 15, S2:S33. HIC# 2014-314
  • *Sikdar S, Prada A, Crisan D. Calreticulin mutation in JAK2 V617F negative myeloproliferative neoplasms - The Beaumont experience. Modern Pathology 28: Suppl 2, 378, 2015. Poster at USCAP Annual Meeting, Boston, MA, March 21-27, 2015. HIC-2014-234

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