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Diabetic Limb Salvage & Wound Care Fellowship, Farmington Hills

The Diabetic Limb Salvage & Wound Care Fellowship at Beaumont Hospital, Farmington Hills is a one-year fellowship that will provide podiatrists with the education and experience needed to take an interdisciplinary approach to diabetic limb salvage. The podiatric physician will be trained in all medical fields of diabetic care. With this training the fellow can help prevent the escalating numbers of diabetic amputations in our community. With this specialized training, the fellow graduate will assist in reaching, and maintaining the U.S. Department of Health's goal for a 40% reduction of amputations in the diabetic population.


  • To prepare physicians for the practice of gastroenterology by teaching the skills, knowledge and humanistic qualities that constitute the foundations of contemporary practice. 
  • To provide patient care that is compassionate, appropriate and effective for the treatment of health problems and the promotion of health and disease prevention.  
  • To address the needs of the community in responsibility treating and providing education to patients related to problems of high prevalence in the community. 
  • To provide for progressive responsibility for and experience to effectively manage clinical problems. 
  • To prepare graduates who are capable of autonomously practicing gastroenterology, providing patient-and family-centered care, and incorporating new skills and knowledge during their careers.  
  • To develop physicians able to monitor their own physical and mental well-being.


Our mission is to train Diabetic Limb Salvage & Wound Care Fellows to provide compassionate, extraordinary care to a diverse community. The Diabetic Limb Salvage & Wound Care Fellowship Program at Beaumont Hospital, Farmington Hills is designed to provide a comprehensive learning experience that prepares physicians to meet the demands of contemporary cardiology practice in urban and suburban communities. Fellows learn how to provide patient- and family-centered care, contributing to the health and well-being of residents throughout the community. We aim to retain our graduates to continue to serve our community.

Journal club is performed monthly. Anatomy dissection labs are done quarterly. Academics are weekly and each fellow will lecture monthly.

  • 33.3% of time is required in clinic while on podiatry rotation
  • 33.3% in wound care/hospital rounding
  • 33.3% in the operating room

Research requirements

  • 3 required research topics – submitted and completed
    • one must be a quality and improvement project
  • Fellows must lead research with the residents 


  • Wound Care and Limb Salvage
  • Vascular Surgery
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Research
  • Endocrinology
  • Nephrology
  • Peripheral Vascular Lab
  • Infectious Disease

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