HD ReadyCam™ Television and Production Studio











Beaumont Health System physicians and executives are now available for live television interviews and expert commentary directly from the ReadyCam® on-site studio installed at Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak.

ReadyCam® allows Beaumont’s experts to communicate with local and national news media organizations, engage in remote speaking events and create video.Whether it's breaking news or a landmark clinical trial, Beaumont experts are available to interview on camera without  anyone ever having to leave the station.

The studio is fully equipped with a broadcast lighting grid and a designated robotic camera that is operated remotely from VideoLink's broadcast center. The camera has pan/tilt capabilities, providing the flexibility of a one-on-one interview, or an interview with two experts. The studio has several background settings, including:  hospital exam room, surgical room, doctor’s office background and more.

For more information or to contact the media relations team to book the studio for expert interviews, please call 248-551-0743 or email mark.geary@beaumont.edu.