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Beaumont, Royal Oak breaks ground on Proton Therapy Center to treat cancer

Construction has begun on a new Proton Therapy Center at Beaumont Hospital’s Cancer Institute in Royal Oak. Proton therapy is a newer, high-tech alternative to treating certain cancers. The benefits: a scanning beam of proton radiation with online image guidance offers greater precision to destroy cancerous cells, sparing healthy tissue with fewer side effects. This will be the first single-room proton treatment center of its kind in Michigan.

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Robocalls Help Women with Breast Cancer Manage Chemotherapy Side Effects

An automated system worked well in helping manage routine chemotherapy side effects in women with metastatic breast cancer, according to research conducted in part at Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak. One hundred ninety-four women with an average age of 50 were assessed on 15 symptoms ranging from anxiety to fatigue. Half were randomly assigned

Give Germs the Slip with Proper Handwashing

Wash your hands! You've heard it again and again, from your mom, your doctor and medical experts in the media. It's the cheapest and best way to stop the spread of germs responsible for colds, flu and a whole medical dictionary of other illnesses. But has anyone every taught you how to wash your hands? A cursory swipe with soap, quick rinse and

Hate to See Your Breath When You Workout? Take it Indoors

With Thanksgiving Day a memory and the holiday season underway, it won't be long before Old Man Winter blows in. While hardier souls will be strapping on skis and lacing up ice skates, some prefer to take their workout indoors when the mercury plummets. Exercise physiologist JoAnne Bieniasz of the Ministrelli Women's Heart Center offers these

Beaumont Hospitals Adopts Financial Turnaround Plan

Beaumont Hospitals is implementing a plan to increase revenue and reduce costs to improve its financial position by $60 million in 2009. "These are challenging times, and hospital systems across America are not immune to the problems," says Kenneth J. Matzick, Beaumont Hospitals president and CEO. "There's been a dramatic change in

Are Mom and Dad OK? Here's how to Tell

Mom insists she and dad are fine when you're on the phone, but your brother's not so sure after stopping by. Whether it's a weekend visit with your aging parents or an extended trip with elderly relatives, keep an eye out for warning signs they need help. Food in the refrigerator is uneaten or outdated. A quick glance in the fridge can tell