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Beaumont, Royal Oak breaks ground on Proton Therapy Center to treat cancer

Construction has begun on a new Proton Therapy Center at Beaumont Hospital’s Cancer Institute in Royal Oak. Proton therapy is a newer, high-tech alternative to treating certain cancers. The benefits: a scanning beam of proton radiation with online image guidance offers greater precision to destroy cancerous cells, sparing healthy tissue with fewer side effects. This will be the first single-room proton treatment center of its kind in Michigan.

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Pediatric Neurosurgeon Urges Kids to Strap on Safety Helmets when Playing Sports

Snow is falling and friends are calling. ... Whether your child participates in organized winter team sports or recreation activities with friends and family, there is always a danger of concussion. Concussions account for about 46 percent of U.S. winter sport injuries. "Knowing the warning signs of a concussion and when to seek medical

Quick Detection of Bleeding in the Brain for People on Blood Thinners Saving Lives

A treatment strategy for people on blood thinners who hit their head is saving lives at Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak (Mich.), according to recent research. In 105 study patients treated under the protocol, the time to diagnose bleeding in the brain as a result of the head bump was cut in half and treatment was started in one-third of the

2 Naturopathic Doctors Added to Beaumont's Integrative Medicine Program

When Mary Kay Stark of Berkley needed guidance on taking supplements and help with sleep problems during chemotherapy for breast cancer, she turned to the Integrative Medicine program at Beaumont Hospital. As a result, naturopath Jen Green recommended supplements for Stark's leg and sleep problems, and advised her to stop taking the supplement

Heart and Vascular Screen May Be Best Gift of All

Care about the heart health of someone you love and wondering what to give him this holiday season? The perfect gift for your loved one could be a gift certificate for a Heart and Vascular Wellness Screening at Beaumont. For $70, the screening includes a blood pressure measurement; assessment of body mass index; blood cholesterol and glucose

Beaumont Hospital, Troy EC Aims for Prompt Care for High Numbers of Emergency Patients

Emergency Medicine physicians at Beaumont Hospital, Troy recently studied how satisfied their patients are in relation to the time they wait for care and found that a patient's happiness falls sharply once he has waited 3-1/2 hours. Recognizing that its high volume can result in waits for care, the hospital has taken steps to make the process