Study: Radiation for Heart Test Cut More Than Half, Protects CT Patients From Risks of Radiation

The radiation dose for a diagnostic scan of the heart and blood vessels was cut on average by more than half for almost 5,000 patients through a Michigan quality improvement project with no effect on image quality. Doctors and hospitals statewide have helped protect patients from the potential risks of radiation exposure as a result. Details of

Wolpin Gift Benefits Breast Care Center

Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak celebrated the opening of the Marilyn and Walter J. Wolpin Comprehensive Breast Care Center with a June 3 event honoring donors Walter J. and Marilyn Wolpin of Farmington Hills. An exceptional gift from the Wolpins helped to expand breast imaging services and patient capacity at the Comprehensive Breast Care

Delicate brain surgery removes child's tumor and cyst

It was supposed to be a routine MRI. Little Isabelle Johnson's head was scanned prior to her surgery to have a cyst removed from her scalp. But her mother Linda knew from the look on the neurosurgeon's face the results were anything but routine. And what she and her husband were about to hear was shocking. Her 2-year-old had a brain tumor. Their

Nurses' Habitat for Humanity House Almost Done, Fundraising Walk may Help Meet Financing Goal

Beaumont Hospitals nurses and other professionals who traded in their scrubs and suits for hardhats to pick up hammers and raise walls for Habitat for Humanity® are putting the finishing touches on a home in Pontiac. But their work isn't over. Project leader Kathy Allardyce, B.S.N., a care coordinator at Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak, says

Weight Control Center, Dance Group go to School to Help Kids Develop Healthy Lifestyle

Almost one-quarter of overweight and obese children at a suburban Detroit school resolved their weight problem through a recent Beaumont Weight Control Center program. What made the difference? An in-school, 12-week program developed and delivered by the Beaumont Healthy Kids Program and the Eisenhower Dance Ensemble. The program included

10 Tips for Feeding a Picky Eater

Feeding a picky eater can be a true test of a parent's patience, and can result in a stressful situation for both the parent and the child. Keep these quick tips from Beaumont Hospitals (Royal Oak, Mich.) dietitian Meryl Jackson in mind at your next family meal to allow for a more pleasant experience. Follow the division of responsibility:

Look at Toenails for Clues to Health

For a quick "snapshot" of your health during the past year, bend over and take a look at your toenails. "Their shape, color, growth rate and susceptibility to pain all offer vital clues that your family doctor or a foot specialist can interpret," says Michael Schey, D.P.M., a Beaumont Hospitals podiatrist. Dr. Schey

Medical School Update

Vision for a truly unique medical education at OU's school of medicine taking shape Administrators, faculty and staff are making considerable progress toward the opening of the Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine, which plans to begin accepting student applications in 2010 pending accreditation by the Liaison Committee for

Doctor Sending You for CT Scan or Other Imaging? 10 Tips to Pick the Best Site

Your doctor has just handed you an order for a mammogram; or a heart CT; or a brain MRI. Now what? While the choice of imaging facilities has never been greater or more convenient, it pays to ask a few questions before picking a site. The ability of the technologist who takes the image can vary widely; imaging technology is advancing at a fast

Try These Homesickness Prevention Strategies When Your Child Goes to Summer Camp

Almost everyone misses something about home while they're away, but travel - including summer camp for kids - offers opportunities to grow and develop. Edward "Skip" Walton, M.D., director of Pediatric Emergency Medicine at Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak and board member of the American Camp Association, offers the following tips.