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Goals for the participant during and upon graduation from the BHOR

  1. The resident will achieve proficiency with evidence based, best clinical practice through the application of current research and patient centered care for patients with oncologic disorders.
  2. The resident will be an expert educator to patients, peers, and students in the area of oncologic physical therapy.
  3. The resident will engage in community service and program development and expansion to meet the needs of patients and clients with (or at risk of developing) oncologic disorders.
  4. The resident will be prepared to successfully complete the ABPTS oncologic clinical specialist board examination.
  5. The resident will demonstrate competence in all aspects of the provided comprehensive academic and clinical curriculum to enhance analytical and reasoning skills.


The resident will complete a series of ten core modules as well as one longitudinal capstone project. The core modules have required readings of evidence-based practice in cancer care, as well as didactic lectures and homework including literature reviews, journal clubs annotated bibliographies, online presentations, or service learning experiences. Each module will also have a hands-on mentoring component with a clinical expert in that area of practice. Mentoring will be conducted in-person and the participant will be the primary patient/client care provider for at least 100 hours of the 180 required mentoring hours for a residency. 
ONC 601 - General Cancer Concepts and Prevention, Intervention and Sustainable Wellness Model (PRISM) rehabilitation care models
ONC 602 – Breast Cancer, Reconstruction and Lymphedema
ONC 603 – Acute Illness and Lung, Thoracic and Circulatory Cancers
ONC 604 – Psychosocial, Palliative Care and Hospice
ONC 605 – Gastrointestinal, Genitourinary and Gynecological Cancers
ONC 606 – Head & Neck, Central Nervous System and Bone Cancers
ONC 700 – Capstone Project*

For 12 month programs, this averages out to  at least 3-5 hours of mentoring per week, additional hours will be encountered by resident’s being mentored during consultative activities such as tumor boards and multidisciplinary clinics. The modules will also include unique learning opportunities for each module including shadowing rehabilitation professionals as well as members of the multidisciplinary team. Each module will culminate with a test or final project to demonstrate mastery of advanced concepts of oncology rehabilitation. This is a hybrid distance learning, online, and in-person laboratory and classroom experience. Computer and internet access are required. (Available through Beaumont Health but can be accessed at home)

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